Career Development

The first thing that everyone learns upon joining JKT is the difference between a job and a career. A career at JKT goes way beyond mere employment. It is a continuous process of self discovery and growth. Right from the outset of firming the job description to goal setting and identifying time management practices, every stage of the JKT career development process aims at self development and alignment with the JKT philosophy.

Career Goals

Setting career goals is a collaborative process. Every JKTian is guided and encouraged to envision the next level in their career by department heads and seniors. Along with setting an achievable path, ample of opportunities are provided to realise these goals.

Thereafter, with training, new assignments, feedback, guidance and of course, the employee’s self motivation, the sky is the limit.

Team Building

Team work is the heart of JKT’s work environment. A variety of activities and initiatives are taken to imbibe the ability to work as a cohesive team. Strong working relationships are developed through on-site projects, more responsibilities and team work sessions.

Involvement of Employees

An all pervasive esprit de corps at JKT is a direct result of consciously involving and motivating employees to participate in informal and formal activities and gatherings. It is here that key interpersonal skills and relationships are developed that bind JKT into an organisation of like minded professionals.

Performance Appraisals

At JKT, we believe in evaluating every individual at regular intervals, to provide feedbacks which would help in the overall development of the individual. Our appraisal process ensures to evaluate the individual on parameters like knowledge in the work area, soft skills, professional achievements, certifications. One-to-one discussion between the appraiser and appraisee provides the platform for capturing appraisee’s goals, ambitions and areas of interest and discussing the pain areas or issues. Our process is comprehensively and objectively implemented across the organisation.

Amongst a whole host of features, salient are goal setting along with continuous feedback and coaching, team building activities, active involvement of employees, professional training and performance.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of JKT for about 12 years now. During my tenure, I found the work environment to be friendly & inspiring and got excellent support from my colleagues. JKT has provided me a lot of opportunities for building up leadership qualities and professional skills. I am proud to be a part of this organisation.”

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