Employee Speak

Preeti Gupta
Manager- HR

“I really feel great to be a part of JKT. The growth path over so many years from a Trainee to a Manager has been full of challenges and learning. The exposure that I have gained here is truly immense. Overall, I would like to say that JKT is a great place to work and has a wonderful work culture and an open atmosphere. JKT has been vortex of fun and freedom while working.”

Tanvi Rohatgi
Business Manager – SAP Academy

“It’s been quite a good experience working with JKT for past almost 4.5 years now. The company offers an open and flexible work place with great corporate values. The daily work pressure and challenges just seem to melt away with great mentors, colleagues and an excellent work culture, boosting every individual to give their best at all times. I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth with JKT.”

Veena Menon
Senior DBA

“It has been privilege to be part of JKT for about 12 years. During my tenure I found work environment is friendly, inspiring and excellent support from colleagues. JKT has provided opportunities for building up leadership qualities and professional skills. I am proud to be part of this organization.”

Navdeep Kaur
Software Engineer

“The most motivating factor about being a part of JKT is that after having worked here for over 2 years now, still each day feels like a new one. I have been among the lucky few who are part of JKT family and have enjoyed an amazing work culture which plays an important role in extracting the best out of me. I am sure that with the quality of Team Work, Vibe, Encouragement, Respect & Resources available @ JKT, I still have a lot to learn & achieve here.”

Jitender Dhingra
Tech Lead

“My journey at JKT has been an extremely fruitful and gratifying one. The growth path has been full of challenges and learning. Here the most encouraging part for employees is that it is willing to nurture talent from within and give them opportunities and hands-on-experience in new areas. Handling huge and multiple deliveries, managing sizable teams, retaining business by providing stability to the project… everything I have done here has helped me mature as a professional as well as an in individual. My technical, negotiation, communication and leadership skills have been growing over the period.”

Sanjeev Thapliyal
Project Manager

“I’m very pleased to be part of JKT family since last 14 years. JKT provided me opportunities and guided whenever needed. Having started my career with JKT, I feel that if you have a dream and you have willpower to achieve it then JKT is the best place to make your dream true.”

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