Our most valuable asset is the people that work at JKT without them, we fail. We are fortunate to have people that are passionate about technology, dedicated to performance and driven by results.

At JKT, we encourage a healthy blend of work – life balance, an open and friendly ethos, and a culture of reward and recognition that go a long way in contributing to a fulfilling professional career and motivated team environment.

Our aim is to attract and retain people that want to make a difference and share our vision for the future. As such the JKT culture and work environment plays a powerful role that motivates, stimulates and cultivates a fulfilled and happy team environment. We put an emphasis on fun activities for our employees to encourage team building, increase job satisfaction and productivity. Loyalty is also rewarded with above average industry pay and long term service awards. The company regularly organises parties, cultural celebrations and outings to this end.

JKT Club

As we realize the importance of team bonding activities we have formed our own club committee named ‘JKT club’ that organises events for employees and the management keeping their expectations in mind.

All the members of the JKT club committee have been chosen with the active involvement of all the employees. This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the indoor-outdoor events, conferences, year-end meetings etc.

JKT club organizes outdoor events, where employees are encouraged to bring their families. These events and outings are organized at apt venues to ensure utmost enjoyment and pleasure of the employees and their families. We use these events as platforms for rewards and recognition to boost the employee morale which would lead to better performance.

We at JKT believe in building an informal, family atmosphere to comfort all our employees.

Team Building

The dynamic and fun-loving work environment helps in building a team spirit among our employees. We at JKT are committed to provide a nurturing work environment. We have inter-house and inter-company events, competitions and activities that help in building stronger teams, communication channels and leadership skills. Which team will you be in?

Adventure offers a change of pace to teams. Our numerous activities strengthen groups and help them to bond better, overcome challenges and foster a dynamic can-do team spirit than other experiences.

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