JKT prides itself as being a great place to build a career. New employees are groomed and nurtured to grow to their full potential from the moment they become JKTians. By fostering a dynamic, vibrant and creative work atmosphere, providing ample opportunities for growth and laying a great emphasis on training, every employee is steered towards an optimal career path.

At JKT, a perfect work – life balance, an open and friendly ethos, and a culture of reward and recognition go a long way in contributing to a fulfilling professional environment.

There is a constant endeavour to enhance skills and knowledge at a personal level to improve the capabilities of JKTians. Technical and soft skills training, workshops, team building activities, and management development programmes are a regular feature here.

The opportunity to work at different global locations offers employees both flexibility and growth in career development. JKTians are encouraged to align their individual objectives with organisational goals, and to make JKT- a globally respected organisation obsessed with customer delight and growth, driven by a passionate team.

“So now you don’t have to make a choice between money and happiness as you get both together at JKT”.

“JKTs different than the average IT Services company, we’re a 1000+ strong team that is close knit & passionate about making a difference. We believe in investing in our employee skills so that they progress their career, add value add to the business & our client’s projects. From new members of our wider family to the old timers, each has embraced our business ethos & philosophy – encourage to express ones creativity & support to drive through change. At JKT we strive to create a happy & productive working environment for all our employees whether starting out your career or at a senior level, if you have what it takes & believe in being the best – we’d like to welcome you to our family. Come speak to us, it’s a great place to unlock & realise your true potential”


Shyam Verma

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