Working with JKT

At JKT, we really offer employees an exciting, progressive and rewarding career. We are a small but dynamic organisation where an individual really can make an impact and shape his or her future with opportunities around the globe. We have large ambitions and invest heavily in our employees technical competencies and project delivery capabilities; to offer the best quality solutions for our clients. We are also investing in our next phase of growth; obtaining new partners, technical competencies, tools, infrastructure and sales and marketing to become a strategic partner of choice for our customers around the world. To achieve this, we wish to attract the best in the industry so together we can succeed.

JKT has presence in the United States, UK, Europe, Asia and India and have successfully delivered world-class solutions to our clients located in over 25 countries across the globe. This offers our employees, an opportunity to build a career with both national and international experience.


JKT is, first and foremost, a people centric organisation. Working here is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, propelled by high levels of motivation, empowerment, and recognition.

Open and free flowing communication, a sense of freedom, and a commitment to human values are integral to the JKT culture. At JKT, we encourage a healthy blend of work – life balance, an open and friendly ethos, and a culture of reward and recognition that go a long way in contributing to a fulfilling professional career and motivated team environment.

Rewards & Recognition

‘A satisfied employee is a productive employee’ is the simple philosophy that drives the rewards and recognition initiative at JKT. A dynamic multi-tiered system to recognize and reward employees is firmly in place. It plays a powerful role in increasing performance, productivity and improving employee morale, retention and satisfaction.

JKTians across levels and areas of specialization are recognized for work done both at the client site and in the offshore development centres. The guiding principle here is to motivate and encourage JKTians to raise the bar for themselves and reach greater heights of professional excellence.

JKT’s main objectives are:
  • To recognise and promote positive behaviors that support individual, work group, department and business goals objectives
  • To ensure good work is recognised
  • To improve employee productivity and quality of work
  • To provide monetary and non-monetary recognition depending on the significance of the contribution
  • To provide individual as well as team recognition and rewards

Employee motivation is a key focus area, encompassing our own internal reward scheme ‘Star of the Quarter’ amongst others.


To be a globally respected organisation for quality, client satisfaction, and preferred partner of choice to our customers, driven by a passionate team.

Channels of Communication

Our door is always open and seamless, open intra–organisational communication is critical to the overall success and growth of a company. It is essential that all communication that takes place must be transparent and unhindered. At JKT, a free flow of ideas and suggestions across levels is the norm. No issue is too small whatever stage you are at within your career, we are all JKTians and are approachable at every level with an open door policy.

Campus Recruitment

We do not stifle creativity, attracting the brightest and the best from prestigious universities across India gives JKT its unmatched intellectual strength. An intensive induction and exhaustive six month training makes thorough professionals of these young recruits. Every year JKT is infused with fresh talent and young blood, giving JKT its youthful vigour.

To enrol in our Campus Recruitment Program, kindly mail your institute details to

Career Development

Career development is a continuous and systematic process at JKT. It aims at bringing out the best in every employee and forging an impressive career path for every individual. Read More

Growth at JKT

Every JKTian is encouraged to strive towards the next level of personal and professional growth. A modular performance based career development program empowers JKTians to set and achieve new career goals. The flexibility to alter career paths, or explore new areas of specialisation is inherent in this program. Your success is our success.

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