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Transport solutions leader partners with JKT to mitigate skills shortage and streamline support

The Client:
Carrier Logistics is a premier transportation software provider, leveraging 40 years of experience offering freight management solutions to small start up operations and global enterprise freight businesses alike. CLI’s enterprise software is used by companies worldwide to reap the benefits of greater efficiency and higher productivity that their system provides. From small, family-run businesses to large multinational transportation powerhouses with thousands of users, organizations rely on CLI’s dependable software and professional guidance to better their competitiveness.

The Situation:

The pressures that IT departments are facing today are huge. During the course of the current economic slowdown many companies have been looking at ways to increase productivity and performance whilst having to reduce the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) for IT spend, (more with less). At the same time they are expected to implement, improve and maintain systems, legacy and new with smaller budgets.

CLI wanted to reduce its OPEX and IT spend, they also wanted to focus internal resource to core business and still have the ability to deploy resource to projects as and when the need arose. They were aware that using local boutique service providers could help in the short term but in the long run they required a meaningful relationship with an offshore IT partner who could meet their requirements and bring down the OPEX. CLI decided to engage an IT Services partner that could help them achieve their goals.

The Requirement:

CLI required a partner who could demonstrate an expert level of domain skills across multiple applications with frameworks, industry best practice, tools and enablers along with global delivery capability. They were also determined that quality could not be compromised and were looking out for a partner who could demonstrate an exceptional focus on quality to meet their exact business requirements. Further down the line they also wanted the partner to be able to manage worldwide support for their clients. CLI wanted a partner who could demonstrate capability and credibility to:

  • Offer a flexible global delivery capability
  • Knowledge of the industry & associated challenges
  • Have a well defined Quality Management Process
  • Provide trained & skilled quality resources in a number of technologies
  • Provide experienced senior resources who can directly communicate with CLI’s customers, gather requirements and provide solutions
  • Provide quality support service to CLI’s customers
  • The ability and flexibility to ramp-up or down teams as per the project demands
  • Take the domain knowledge and create knowledge repository
  • Create a self-propelled team
  • Best in class technical experts on Progress technology
  • Provide end-to-end application development and support

How JKT Got Involved:

JKT is a global IT Services company with more than two decades of experience, providing application development and support to customers globally. JKT has global partnerships and a proven track record in providing services and solutions for industry leading technologies including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Progress. Our matured practice has robust and time tested methodology, solution delivery frameworks and capabilities that ensure the best solution for our clients.

As a mature IT Services house JKT were well positioned to meet CLI’s criteria including:

  • Flexible global delivery capability
  • Industry knowledge in Logistics and Progress technology
  • CMMI quality for software development
  • JKT Application Managed Service (AMS) to provide support to CLI’s customers
  • Large pool of strong technical resources across multiple technologies
  • Well defined Knowledge Management system specific to each client
  • Structured project governance and project management
  • Low attrition

The Solution:

JKT started with a small project to develop the Rating / billing engine which was a complex piece of work. After successful completion of this work, CLI engaged JKT to provide a range of applications developments and support to their global customers. JKT undertook some of the strategic work including design and development of Web Services for one their key customer (a global courier company), custom development of Consignment Tracking Systems using Handheld and Interfaces to OpenAccounts and COGNOS. JKT is now a preferred IT Services partner for all CLI applications development and support activities and the relationship continues to strengthen over the last 8 years. JKT has setup a cost-effective offshore development structure which is helping CLI financially as well their customers as now they are getting 24hrs support.

What was achieved:
  • Partner as a provider of services and solutions
  • Substantial cost saving to customer due to reduced cost of offshoring
  • CLI’s customers receive faster response times/fixes and working with global delivery timeframes solutions are in place overnight
  • Significant reduction in number of re-works due to utilising trained quality resources

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