IRISnet Portal

IRISnet portal enables real time data exchange and seamless flow of information between the consultants, stock points and stockists

The Client:
The client one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods with strong local roots in more than 100 countries across the globe with annual sales of about €46.5 billion in 2011.

The client partners with consultants in achieving success by presenting them with a business and self-development training programme through their Network Academy and offer a strong support system to individual entrepreneurs.

The client has a consultant base of over 270,000 across 500 town and cities backed by 30 offices, 4 major branches, 41 stock points and over 200 stockists (referred to as IRIS) spread throughout India.

The Situation:

During the early 90’s, the client experienced rapid growth and soon became one of the largest Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) organizations in the country and the success resulted in an impressive network of consultants, stockists and stock points, expected to function remotely but share common information in a seamless manner. Due to geographic spread, remoteness, inaccessibility and the nature of the MLM business, the client stock points and stockists struggled to have a clear visibility of the booked orders, stock status and supply chain against the forecasted requirements. The core ERP based solution did not meet the user expectations and this proved to be a major operational bottleneck. Moreover, a lack of communication, infrastructure and connectivity issues between the stockists and consultants compounded the overall problem.

JKT’s credentials:

JKT, with more than two decades of experience in IT services and consulting, has a proven track record of providing custom solutions and ERP services across industry sectors in Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, QAD & Progress. JKT has undertaken a number turnkey ERP implementations, migrations, roll-outs and consulting assignments for many leading names in the Home and Personal Care sector. JKT has developed many custom portal solutions including Sales order systems, Inventory modules, POS systems, Executive Dashboards, Mobile approvals systems. Further, JKT’s QAD practice has been one of the leading providers of MFG/PRO based services to the industry for over 15 years and boasts many well known customers in the MFG/PRO market.

The Challenge:

The client decided to overcome this problem by developing a Web based portal (IRISnet) which would enable disparate as well as remote entities (consultants and stockists) to input and access the sales booking and stock data in a seamless manner. The client was looking for a solution to incorporate the following:

  • Web based solution allowing users to access the system from anywhere
  • Robust, scalable and secure
  • Interact with their existing MFG/PRO ERP for data exchange
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy maintenance

The Solution:

The web based solution would enable the IRIS stockist to use the IRISnet portal instead of the Mfg/Pro-eB ERP to enter their day-to-day transactions. The IRISnet solution involved:

  • Functional and technical consultancy on MFG/PRO
  • Web-based development using WebSpeed development tool and integration with MFG/PRO
  • Automatic updates between the IRISnet and MFG/PRO systems
  • Performance tuning
  • Customized MIS

Overall the IRISnet solution provided a complete visibility starting from master data creation, sales order creation and status of shipment, stock and claims.

What was achieved:

The new web based IRISnet solution enabled real time exchange of data and seamless flow of information between the consultants, stock points and stockists. The consultants were now
able to connect to the client network from remote places through PSDN/Dial-up connection and able to track their order movements and expected delivery timings. This increased the client’s direct customer satisfaction levels as the consultants predicted the deliveries more accurately. The client had better visibility of the forecast and delivery MIS. This proved to be a cost-effective solution developed on WebSpeed technology, reducing the overall operational costs for the client business and provided significant savings over a period of time.

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