Sales Tax Management System

JKT’s custom STMS solution expedites the statutory filing of a leading consumer goods brand

The Client:
The client is India’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company with a history spanning over 75 years and over 35 brands across 20 distinct categories. The company has over 16,000 employees and has an annual turnover of US $4.5 billion (financial year 2011 – 2012). The client is a subsidiary of world’s leading supplier of fast moving consumer goods with strong local roots in more than 100 countries across the globe with annual sales of €46.5 billion in 2011.

The Situation:

The client used QAD’s Mfg/Pro ERP across its Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing and Accounting functions to support its huge network of 2,900 stockists spread throughout the country providing direct coverage to over 1.5 million outlets. Their transaction systems across these functions were de-centralized and each unit had independent instances of the ERP which was not integrated with the main head office system. During month-end, the head office staff undertook a mammoth task of consolidating the Sales data from all these functions / units for filing the monthly Sales Tax return. This was a hugely complex task as the Sales data was consolidated at the various regional levels as well as across manufacturing units, Carrying & Forwarding Agents(C&Fa’s) within these regions. There was a need to bring all sales related information to a central repository for accurate and faster processing of Sales Tax returns.

The Challenge:

The Client decided to address this problem through a custom software solution Sales Tax Management System (STMS) which will extract sales tax related data from all the units and then upload the data into a single shared services database. The new solution would use the data from this central repository to file the monthly sales tax returns and generate the relevant Sales tax registers / reports.

The client was looking for a solution having the following features:

  • Web based solution allowing users to access and input the data from anywhere
  • Robust, scalable and secure
  • Interact with their existing Mfg/Pro ERP at the head office
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy maintenance

JKT’s Credentials:

JKT, with more than two decades experience in IT services and consulting, has a proven track record of providing custom solutions and ERP services across industry sectors in Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, QAD & Progress. JKT has undertaken numerous turnkey ERP implementations, migrations, roll-outs and consulting assignments for many leading names in the Home and Personal Care sector. JKT has developed many custom portal solutions including Sales order systems, Inventory modules, POS systems, Executive Dashboards, Mobile approvals systems. Further, JKT’s QAD practice has been one of the leading providers of Mfg/Pro based services to the industry for over 15 years and boasts of retaining several well known customers in the Mfg/Pro space.

The Solution:

The web based solution (STMS) enabled the sales depots, stockists, distribution centres and manufacturing plants to enter the day-to-day sales data. The accounting and MIS functions at the head office were able to access and produce the weekly / monthly sales data for Sales Tax filing purposes. In particular, the STMS solution involved:

  • Web based solution allowing users to access and input the data from anywhere
  • Functional and technical consultancy on MFG/PRO
  • Web-based development using WebSpeed development tool and integration with Mfg/Pro
  • Data Extraction and automatic upload between the STMS and Mfg/Pro systems
  • Workflow to review reports and sign-off data for sales tax returns
  • Customized Sales tax reports and registers
  • Sales Tax Forms

JKT undertook the complete design, development and implementation of this solution.

What was achieved:

The new web based STMS solution provided a consolidated central repository of all information from various functions Manufacturing, Stock transfers and Sales. This enabled significant reduction in the cycle time and effort required for filing the monthly Sales Tax return, which is a statutory requirement. The various units were now able to connect to their network from respective units through PSDN/Dial-up connection and able to upload their daily / weekly sales data.

This being a cost-effective solution developed on WebSpeed technology, reduced the overall operational costs for the Client business and provided significant savings over a period of time.

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