CEMEFRAME is a proprietary framework by JKT Consulting which comprises of various IT enablers for Cement manufacturing industries covering Mine to Cash cycle.
CEMEFRAME bring along the

  • Ready to use Cement Best Practices & Business Processes
  • Templatised ERP Configuration reducing the total turn around time and minimising the risks
  • Cement Analytics and Reporting increasing the visibility across the operations and enabling the decision making based on facts
  • Bolt-on solutions covering Gate Entry, Vehicle Management, Weigh-bridge integration, captive power management can costing, Trade Management & Discounts
  • SAP Platform coupled with experience and solutions from JKT consulting


  • Weigh-bridge & Gate Entry Automation
  • Trade Promotion & Pricing
  • Captive Power Management Automation
  • Trailer, Wagon & Fleet Management
  • Profit Accounting
  • Reporting & Analytic
  • Mobility


Our first cement centric SAP implementation, JK Cement (our Group Company) remains our cement innovation centre since 2007.
JKT has been involved in initial implementation, continuous support & enhancement since then. 35 cement centric SAP consultants continuously innovate & support JK Cement in the core areas of SAP, Business Intelligence and various other areas.
Services Provided: Implementation, Enhancements, Rollout, Support
Meghalaya Cement (TOPCEM) is one of the major player for cement manufacturing in the eastern part of India with plants in the remote north eastern region. This was a Greenfield implementation for JKT where starting from Business process finalization to implementation of core modules where done in record 4.5 months. Business Intelligence with SAP BI/BO has been initiated and will be completed with 2.5 months with JKT’s Cement Dashboards.
Services Provided: Process Consulting, Implementation, Enhancements, Support
KJS Cement is a prominent market leader of cement production with a capacity of 2.27 million ton per annum in the subcontinent. This was one of the Greenfield implementation where SAP initiatives started during the erection of their plant. JKT not only implemented SAP but also by the virtue of its experience created the cement specific Business Processes for their Sales, Distribution, Manufacturing and Finance from scratch.
Services Provided: Implementation, Enhancements, Support & Rollout
Dalmia Bharat Cement is one of the top three cement producers in India where on and off JKT’s SAP cement subject matter specialist are involved for Process innovation and SAP optimization. Complex Trade Management & Rebate Management solutions were conceptualized & implemented by JKT
Services Provided: Process Consulting, Optimisation & Value Added solution


CEMEFRAME Add-ons Highlights

Addresses the Cement Industry Concerns and Requirements through Add-Ons and Accelerator

Production Planning & Maintenance

Key Features:

Increased alignment / coordination between demand / market information and production plans

  • Standardized maintenance planning (for various departments)
  • Standardized/Centralized procurement Process
  • Updated vendor master with complete information
  • Standardization of item master
  • Defined policies & procedures
  • Enhanced stock analytics and material requirement planning
  • Raw Material
  • Plant Consumables
  • Spares


  • Reduction in carrying costs due to better alignment of demand with production planning
  • Reduction in downtime resulting in approx. 2 additional hours production time per month:
  • Information availability to plan and improve maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Learning from other plants
  • Increased coordination between various departments (e.g. electrical, mechanical, control etc.)
  • Savings in man hours on maintenance due to
  • Centralized Planning
  • Easy availability of past data to plan maintenance activities
  • Reduction in duplicity of maintenance activities

Trade Management & Pricing

Key Features

Trade Promotion Schemes for Dealers & Business Partners

  • Rebate Processing of twenty nine schemes including Flat, Cash, Quantity and Gift Schemes.
  • Rebate with/without reference to Invoice.
  • Choice of accrued Settlement in the form of
  • Credit /Dr Note,
  • Security Deposit,
  • Discount Accrual
  • Rebate Advance and Gift Material


  • Processing of the all rebate scheme types through one screen.
  • Flexibility to the user to settle the accrual amount through different adjustment types.
  • User has the option to hold the document for settlement.
  • Budget can be uploaded for Target schemes with respect to customer

Material Management

Key Features

Raw Material Procurement Cycle

  • Gate Entry for ALL Material Coming IN
  • Weighment Automated thru Weighbridge Interface
  • Bulk Material Receipts thru Automated Good Receipt Function
  • Transporter – Incoming Bill Processing Support Gate Pass Management for Physical Movement of Material
  • Gate Pass System form Internal & External Movement of Material
  • Transfer of Assets from one Location to other


  • Easy handling of raw materials
  • Automatic capturing of weight in SAP
  • Time and man power saving for goods receipt posting
  • Gate Pass Management for Physical Movement of Material
  • Facility to create, change and cancel the gate pass.
  • Distributed facility across the plant to request for a gate pass and subsequently a central control on approval/rejection for that RGP.
  • Vendor Reminder Can be printed and sent to the vendor.
  • Online Control on Outstanding Returnable Material.

Sales & Distribution

Key Features

Order to Delivery

  • Easy handling of raw materials
  • Delivery Advise / Dispatch Instruction
  • Outgoing Freight Bill Passing
  • Weighment at the Weighbridge (Optional)
  • Rail Transportation – Wagon Details Capturing
  • Gate Entry of All incoming / Out Going Vehicles for Cement Dispatch
  • Position of Vehicle (Truck) waiting for Gate out.
    Incoming Payment Processing (Collection) – Cheque / Demand draft Deposits
  • Single Screen for Multiple Cheque Entry at Go-down / Sales Office
  • Multiple Cheques with for Multiple Banks


  • Quick and Easy Process for shipment settlement.
  • Information Support for dispatch process.
  • Faster tracking of Vehicle for shipment
  • Better Visibility of transportation Capacity for the given day
  • Cycle Time Reduction in data Entry Time for Cheque Deposit Entry in SAP

Analytics & Reporting

Capital Intensive Manufacturing

  • Capital extensive business requires high utilization of production facilities
  • Planning and optimization of downtimes and maintenance activities

Cost Control is a Must

  • High Distribution costs
  • Fast rising energy prices while product prices have to stay competitive
  • Resulting in declining profit margins
  • Cost effectiveness on all levels sought

Flexible Planning and Production

  • Production optimization … on short term notice
  • Planning maintenance activities

Customer Service

  • Customers in remote locations
  • Centralization to become more effective
  • Self service loading and electronic invoicing
  • High change rate of orders due to uncertainties on construction sites

SCM and Transportation

  • Multiple Plants, Storage locations and customer locations
  • Significant transportation cost in comparison to product value
  • Local market, limited by transport cost ratio (cement: app. 100 km around a plant)


Value Proposition

  • 350 Person Years of Cement Process & Implementation Experience
  • Continuous Process Innovations by virtue of group cement company
  • Coupling words best suited ERP (SAP) for manufacturing with Cement Expertise
  • Ready to use solutions and best practices
  • Reduced Turn around time and reduction of Total Cost of Ownership

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