Industries we serve

JKT has provided services in over 25 countries for clients in many industry verticals. Our pedigree derives from years servicing many Independent Software vendors and start-up companies alike. Our approach to the SME marketplace is tailored to the individual client’s needs, focussing on high quality solutions, time to market and best return on investment. So whatever your requirements large or small JKT will look after you and your IT services investment.

JKT brings an outstanding engineering capability together with years of industry experience helping companies to align their IT strategy and initiatives to their business goals, and implementing these strategies to achieve success. We have built solutions to improve our customers IT systems from billing and transactional systems for corporate giants to portal development solutions for start up dot-com. We create efficiency through technology and help our clients improve their line of service with better applications and manageable systems.

JKT have been IT services partner to many household names and Fortune 1000 organisations including – Unilever, Tyco Electronics, Boots, Specsavers, Remy, Mansfield, Capita, Xerox, Ford, Nike, JK Cement and Samsung; these relationships have stood for many years and we are proud to say that more than 70% of our business is from repeat client orders.

Some of the solutions developed by JKT are:

  • CEMEFRAMETM designed to improve business process efficiency of cement industry
  • Shop floor automation for integrating shop floor equipments directly with SAP
  • Mobile Executive Console to connect remote sites to back-end ERP systems
  • eCAM+ a rule based GRC module for security and compliance
  • CareIs Hospital Management System


The automotive industry has experienced some difficult times in recent years, which have left companies facing falling automobile prices and increased manufacturing costs. In the ever increasing global economy, manufacturers have to adapt to new challenges and stiff competition and are constantly looking for new ways to provide their customers with a more safe, comfortable and enjoyable driving experience

Consumer Goods

Consumer product companies operate in environments that are extremely competitive and dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities created by the day.


In recent years, whilst the struggle put up by the majors of industry sector, online/ E-commerce companies have seen exceptional growth. This coupled with the decline of high streets has led to a boom in companies expanding their online presence and products


Today, health care industry faces many challenges like changing government directives, strict regulations, increased cost and staff shortages. In addition to these challenges, they also have to be abreast with the current modern technologies in the market, whilst providing high quality patient care with optimal staff scheduling. All of these directly impact the budget.

Independent Software Vendors

In today’s fast paced technology led global economy, characterized by dynamic technological evolution, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and High Tech enterprises constantly have to cope with challenges to reduced time-to-market, create robust quality products/ service, improve functionality, technological obsolescence and pressure to control IT costs.

Financial Services

In today’s fast paced world, characterized by dynamic technological evolution, financial services companies constantly have to cope up with the challenges like improve quality of service, speedy claims management, reduce time-to-market, improve functionality, technology obsolescence and pressure to control IT costs.


Along with everyone else in today’s economic climate, Global manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, improve processes, utilize existing capacity and increase efficiencies, while maintaining service quality and meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

Retail & Logistics

Retail & Logistics companies are constantly under pressure to demonstrate value to their clients and operate in environments that are highly competitive and dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities changing constantly.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality industry continues to reel under pressure due to increased operations cost, reduction in prices due to competition, regulatory requirements, availability of information and frequent mergers and acquisitions.

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