Industrial Machinery & Components

Global Industry Analysts Inc had announced that Global Industrial Machinery Market will reach US$ 514 Billion by 2015. Demand for machinery in key sectors such as Construction and Agriculture industry has fuelled sales in developed markets, and expected to grow throughout 2015.

JKT has more than 5 years of experience in providing IT solutions for the IM & C industry vertical and has built a well established practice towards catering to this vertical.

Combines Best Practices for IM & C with well proven SAP ERP.
JKT IM&C Service offerings Advantages
  • IM&C industry Template based implementation with fixed scope and fixed cost
  • Shortest time frame for implementation compared to any other service provider
  • Shared or Dedicated post implementation support provided by JKT for a smooth transition and stabilization in SAP that is certified by SAP AG

Advantages and Benefits
Industry-specific Solution from JKT for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) help increase forecast accuracy, cut costs, speed time to market and more.
  • Accelerate sales cycles and improve profit margins
  • Boost engineering, sourcing and manufacturing efficiency
  • Quickly detect supply chain exceptions and lower costs
  • Minimise time to profit and reduce risk for new projects
  • Configure a wide range of product options
  • Rely on proactive alerts for real-time responsiveness
  • Faster quote-to-order and quicker time to market
  • Improved sales and service profit margins
  • Lower project risk
  • Fewer project cost overruns
  • Reduced inventory write-offs
  • Better forecast accuracy and higher supplier on-time delivery
  • Minimized scrap and rework
  • Faster detection of supply chain exceptions

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