Social Media Training

JKT Education provides distinctive social media training programs for corporate and individuals that usually center on efforts to create content that is sophisticated, powerful, dynamic and subtle. The focus is to attract attention, generate online conversations and encourage the readers to share it with their social networks.

If you think that your organization can continue sending messages into the ether that consumer will follow like lemmings, then the answer is a big no. Social Media is the need of the hour. Everything is going social today. From blogs to folksonomy, from ratings to bookmarking, social technology has become a mainstay not only on the consumer side, but on the business side, as well.

JKT Education’s Social Media training module helps in solving challenges which businesses actually face while leveraging the new media, while making sure that we help you define metrics with which you can understand how to define success criteria for your Social Media Partners.

Social Media training module includes:

All sessions include examples, work sheets and home work to make sure you are applying what you learn, building a foundation for the next step, and ultimately becoming a successful online marketer!

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