JKT is one of the largest MFG/PRO service providers in Asia, with a strong track record of servicing MFG/PRO clients across countries like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Srilanka and Canada. JKT specializes in providing Production Support Services from off-shore and have been highly successful in handling customer’s engagements both onsite and off-shore. We have a robust and scalable methodology to meet our client needs and associate with them as long term IT partners for their on-going business requirements.

  • MFG/PRO Ver. 7.x to eB2.1 (CUI/GUI,.Net UI)
  • Progress Ver. 9 to OE10 (CUI/GUI), ADM1, ADM2, Web Speed
Modules & Specializations
  • Standard QAD Modules
  • APM – Advance Pricing Module
  • EDI E-Commerce
  • AIM – Advanced Inventory Management
MFG/PRO Service Offerings
Services Catalog
  • Full Cycle Implementation with Post Implementation Support
  • Version Migrations
  • Application Rollouts (Multi Site/Multi Country)
  • Production Support
  • Bolt on Application Development with MFG/PRO as the backbone
  • Development of Extranet applications which can integrate with MFG/PRO applications using .Net/Java based framework
  • Remote DBA support services
  • Application Audit Services

Full Cycle Implementation with Post Implementation Support

  • Switch over from a manual system to new system from scratch
  • Switch over from a legacy system to MFG/PRO
  • Migrate from another ERP to MFG/PRO

JKT has arrived at three different models for implementation

  • Greenfield: In this method the project will be done from ground-up
  • Adaptation: In this method JKT will take an existing model as a base and build site specific requirements, carry out End User Training, data charging and implementation
  • Roll-out: In this method, an existing process model will be adopted as it is. JKT will carry out End User Training, data charging and implementation

Depending on the nature and complexity of business, the implementation time frame can vary anywhere between 6 – 12 months or more.

Customizations & Interface

JKT offers the following development Services

  • System Adaptation to Organizational Process
  • Changes are made to the existing software to accommodate the business process needs
  • New Module Development
  • Development of complete module to meet the business requirement
  • Interface Development
  • Data transfers (from & to) other application
  • JKT follows the standard SDLC process while carrying out customizations
  • JKT follows “In-house” or customer specific coding conventions
  • JKT ensures that the customizations are SOX compliant (where applicable)

Version Migration

JKT has a structured and a proven methodology for the version migration process, and has successfully migrated to eB and eB 2.1 from lower versions of MFG/PRO for various clients. JKT offers expertise in as-is and features upgrade migrations, irrespective of the availability of historical data

JKT offers the following Migration Services:

  • Application Migration
  • Code Conversion
    • Version Migration
    • UI migration
  • Database Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Migration Consultancy / Training / Documentation

Independent Testing

JKT provides a complete suite of testing services ranging from Functionality, Usability, Performance, Compatibility and White-box testing, as well as Test Automation and Test Consultancy services. The Independent Testing services are provided at customer premises or from offshore testing labs in India.

The JKT Testing Practice provides independent validation and verification services for MFG/PRO versions ranging from 7.x to eB 2.1 on all user interfaces including GUI, CUI and Browser-based. Employing a well-defined methodology for Testing services that best fits the business requirements of clients, JKT’s Testing Practice ensures aggregation and assimilation of all relevant inputs to execute the testing process effectively and efficiently every time.

By focusing on and delivering the highest “Return on Quality” (ROQ), JKT’s Independent Testing services generate the maximum business value for clients.

Application Roll-out

  • Roll out an existing application to multiple sites within a given geographical territory.
  • The existing process model will be adopted as it is. The same will be rolled out to the other sites
  • The scope of roll-out includes
    • Prepare the scope of the Roll-out
    • Prepare Roll-out kit
    • Train the team
    • Prepare the logistics for Roll-Out
    • Central support for co-ordination and monitoring
    • Carry out the Roll-out
    • Conduct post Roll-out Audit

Application Support

JKT offers exceptionally strong application support which requires sustained excellence and reliability. Highly skilled and competent in designing, setting up and operating SLA based support mechanism, JKT has been providing application support services to small and big customers (including a few fortune 100 companies). The support model includes onsite, offshore and mixed mode models. The participation spans L1, L2 and L3 layers of support for large user bases cutting across many geographical regions.

At JKT, our major area of specialization is Production Support. JKT has developed a multilayered SLA driven delivery model for Production Support. The model is categorized into three different support levels namely

  • L1 – Onsite Customer Services
  • L2 – Business Process Services (Could be onsite or offshore or a mix)
  • L3 – Application Services

We at JKT also provide services on specialized skills like EDI / E-Commerce, AIM, APM, Webspeed apart from Standard MFG/PRO production support.

EDI Services

Our EDI Services array offers the following services:

EDI Implementation

This is a full cycle implementation right from understanding the requirement to post implementation support. The implementation service broadly covers the following:

  • Understanding the customer requirement
  • Setting up the MFG/PRO EDI in test environment
  • Carry out the testing
  • Implementation
  • Post implementation support
  • Production Support on EDI

Our production support service is to ensure that EDI mechanism is available for the business users without break down. This service also ensures the business knowledge is retained with the support team.

The production Support services broadly cover the following:

  • Support on setting up EDI environment for a new trading partner
  • Testing the EDI setup and bundle the package for production deployment
  • Error handling & corrections
  • Inbound / Outbound scripts monitoring
  • Ensure the outbound file transfer
  • Enhancing the existing documents / maps for existing trading partner
  • Gateway programs customization (if required)

EDI Implementation Coverage

We broadly classify the Implementation in to 5 different phases, and each phase is explained below:

  • Study and Understanding
  • Definition
  • Preparatory Phase :

    a. Setting up the following in MFG/PRO EDI on test environment
    I. Transformation MAPS
    II. Exchange file repository
    III. MFG/PRO repository
    IV. Implementation MAPS
    V. Trading partner parameter

    b. Carry out the testing by import / export documents

  • Coding and Execution
  • Support :
    a. Provide support on post implementation issue (onsite)
    b. Provide off-shore support (if required)

MFG/PRO to SAP Migration

  • We have developed expertise on QAD to SAP data migration and have significantly contributed in QAD to SAP transitions project engagements.
  • We have participated and carried out following activities
    • AS-IS Documentation
    • Blue Print Validation
    • Authorization Matrix preparation
    • Rationalization of reports
    • Automation of data migration from Mfg/Pro to SAP

Remote DBA support services

JKT offers the following database Administration services:

  • Database Health Monitoring
  • Database Backup & Restoration
  • Ensure availability of database to end users without any downtime
  • Database Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery (Database & server)
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Webspeed Broker Administration
  • OS
    • User Profile Management
    • Disk Space Management
  • Database Migration
    • From one server to another server
    • From one version to a higher version
    • Merging of multiple databases into a single database
  • Support Models On-site / Off-shore
    • 24 x 7, 16 x 5

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