Are you losing all future innovations of SAP? SAP HANA provides a platform for consuming SAP’s latest innovations and is SAP’s go-to platform. It is either a plug-in replacement for your existing database – or a technology platform on which to build or buy revolutionary new business applications.

Rely on JKT to harness the power of SAP HANA and learn how you can simplify building complex business applications.

How we Go About It!

JKT has established a standard framework starting from identification of business case to implementation and final transformation. JKT team of technical and business experts works in close collaboration with our customers to define the implementation roadmap.

JKT Differentiators

Consultative Approach

Top-down approach involving assessment of business problem leading to identification of KPI followed by design and implementation of ERP and BI Systems

Pre-built Industry Solutions

JKT offers pre-built ERP & analytics solutions for industries and verticals like Cement, Retail & CPG, Manufacturing, Finance and HR! These pre-built solutions can be customized to cater to your specific business needs.

Custom Components

Demand for compelling visualization, intuitive analysis and engaging insights with a seamless user experience necessitates the need for Fiori UI5 custom add-ons or custom components. JKT’s SAP Design Studio custom components address various ERP needs like: KPI indicators, Metrics Comparison, Collaboration, Rich Visualization, and Enhanced Slice & Dice Capability, Superior UI features and so on.

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