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Businesses, today, are faced with one of the worst economic climates for decades. The need to stay on top of costs and maintain/ improve business services is fundamental to sustained success. The burden and pressure this creates for IT is unparalleled in recent years. Having the correct strategy, applications, technology and services partner is paramount to meet the demands of business if IT is to control budgets and maximise any investment.

JKT’s IT Consulting Services help our clients overcome these challenges and deliver integrated, end-to-end IT solutions and services to help your business move in the right direction.

Our IT consulting services includes:

Process Consulting:

JKT has proven expertise in implementation of ITIL® processes to meet industry best practice for your organisation. ITIL® is a set of concepts and techniques for managing information technology (IT) infrastructure, development, and operations and gives a detailed description of a number of important IT practices with comprehensive checklists, tasks, and procedures that can be tailored to any IT organisation. With over 15,000 companies across the globe having adopted ITIL® for reducing IT service costs and providing key inputs for business growth, a recent study reported 97% of organisations deriving benefits from its implementation. The challenge now lies in identifying the right approach for ITIL® implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth.

JKT’s Consulting Services’ helps IT organisations in identifying the right approach for ITIL® implementation and using it for continuous improvement in IT services for sustainable business growth. These services facilitate customers in delivering quality IT services by managing ‘information’, the key strategic resource for an organisation.

JKT leverages the experience, expertise and knowledge gained through successful implementation of ITIL® v2, ITIL® v3, ISO 27001, CMMi, PMI and other industry recognized best practices for its customers, internally and externally. JKT’s ‘ITIL Process consulting service offering consists of:

  • ­Rigorous Process Assessment and Gap analysis
  • ­Development of Processes & their Validation
  • ­Optimized Process Implementation
  • ­Effective Process Management & Maintenance
  • ­Comprehensive ITIL® Competence Development

Architecture Consulting:

Enterprise Architecture plays an important role in facilitating organisation vision through governing and structuring the business-IT blueprint across the defined enterprises of an organisation, enabling seamless communication within its components. Enterprise Architecture adds value by accelerating strategic decision-making at the corporate level. It also facilitates implementation of strategic business decision-making at the operational level and helps improve speed-to-market at an effective cost. Our expertise and experience in enterprise architecture consulting can help your organisation to address common enterprise level challenges such as:

  • ­Common Enterprise platform between the business and IT community
  • ­Integrating multiple business functions within or across organisations
  • ­Consulting to execute enterprise programs such as Enterprise Architecture governance, Enterprise Data governance, Master Data Management, Enterprise Content Management

Information Management:

Information Management (IM) has become essential for businesses to enable the seamless flow of information, enhance business agility and increase their competitive advantage. We design and deliver best-in-class custom Information Management solutions to help you manage and integrate data across your organisation, making it ubiquitously available, accurate, complete and secure. Our Information management service consists of:

  • ­Data migration
  • ­Data governance
  • ­Data quality and metadata management
  • ­Master Data Management (MDM)
  • ­Customer Data Integration (CDI)
  • ­Product Information Management (PIM)
  • ­Business Intelligence (BI)
  • ­Data warehousing and predictive analytics

Technology Consulting:

In today’s competitive environment, businesses and organisations have become increasingly reliant on employing the latest technologies to increase organisational efficiency, productivity, elimination of Data Island and creating an integrated system for organisation.

Our years of expertise in proving technology consulting to our client to help them in making decision on implementing right kind of software solutions into the business or organisation in order to streamline their processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Our technology consulting services have benefited clients in most industry, including those considered “low-tech”.

Application Portfolio Rationalization:

To address varying degree of business challenges, organisations decide to develop a custom application or implement an off-the-shelf product to suit their needs. As time evolves, organisations continue to add more applications / systems to keep pace with their growth and competitive pressures. This results in redundancy of applications and multiplicity of data which eventually exert strain on organisation’s IT budget and complexity of IT systems.

Our Application Portfolio Rationalisation (APR) service helps you to have a transparent view of your systems, streamline your IT budget and get the maximum out of your existing applications. Our APR services assist you to:

  • ­Identify and evaluate the partially and wholly redundant applications
  • ­Quantify the condition of applications in terms of stability, quality, and maintainability
  • ­Quantify the business value / impact of applications and the relative importance of each application to the business
  • ­Recommend resource allocation according to the applications’ condition and importance in the context of business priorities
  • ­Create and simplify the Application portfolio

Application Gap analysis and decision facilitation:

When organisations decide to address a business requirement there is always a consideration between extending the existing applications to address the requirement or buy an off-the-shelf product to achieve the functionality. We will help you to reach the decision by doing a detail gap analysis between your business requirement and the current applications and recommend the best option aligned to your IT strategy. Our Application Gap analysis and decision facilitation services Includes:

  • Comprehensive Gap analysis
  • Application extension roadmap for existing application
  • Quantify the cost between ‘make new and extend’
  • Quantify the business value between ‘extend and enhance’
  • Expert decision facilitation on ‘extend or make new’ application

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