TIPA ITSM Process Assessment

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA) developed by CRP Henri Tudor is an internationally recognised framework for IT process assessment. It combines the ISO/IEC 15504 standards with IT Service Management best practices of ITIL to check the actual adoption of ITSM processes and measure the maturity level of these processes in an organisation. ITIL has become a basic necessity for any organisation that handles any type of information and relies on IT systems for any of its operations. By itself, ITIL is a set of guidelines and IT process framework. It needs to be reinforced by a formal assessment framework in order to benchmark and control the achievement.

JKT is a partner with CRP Henri Tudor, a public research institute based out of Luxembourg through ITpreneurs for TIPA services and has a strong and well experienced team of lead assessors. We are working with some of the leading global businesses to help them get the most out of their IT investment.

How TIPA Works

Key Features of TIPA

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA) is an open, objective, structured and repeatable framework for process assessment. There are many factors that make TIPA so effective:

  • Compliant with the ISO/IEC 15504 standard
  • Empirically proven process assessment method
  • TIPA is maintained by TUDOR (Created by same Team who developed and reviewed ISO 15504 and ISO 20000)
  • Better aligned Business needs and create better ITSM roadmap and ensuring greater ROI in ITSM projects
  • 100% Aligned with ITIL
  • Enables assessment of the maturity of each individual process
  • Enables comparison between assessment results
  • Based on clear and standard descriptions of the processes to be assessed
  • Provides a clear way of presenting the assessment results

TIPA Process Maturity Levels

How do you benefit from TIPA

We believe that using Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA), we can:

  • Determine the maturity level of your IT processes
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement
  • Recommend roadmap of what your organization can do to quickly optimize processes and improve IT metrics
  • Enable process improvement through goal-setting and objective measurement; leading to improvement of ROI on ITSM projects
  • Monitor the progress and demonstrate the merits of improvement actions
  • A scorecard of how mature IT management processes are according to ITIL
  • ROI Improvements Recommendations

TIPA has helped many organisations

TIPA is useful for a wide range of organisations, irrespective of their business model and industry. Some of the organisations that have realised and harnessed the potential of TIPA include Financial Services organisations, IT Solutions firms and IT Equipment and Services Companies.

Stock Exchange in South East Asia:

A major stock exchange in the South East Asian region working towards their goal of providing better customer service decided to adopt TIPA. They held the ISO 20000-1:2005ISO 20000-1:2005 certification. A total of 13 processes (common to both ISO 20000-1:2011 and ITIL version 2011) were assessed and reported for maturity.

South Africa based specialist IT services and solution provider:

The organisation selected 5 processes for their direct contribution to their strategic goals – change management, configuration management, incident management, problem management, and service management. In TIPA, they found a tool that helped them understand the process capabilities of their regional centres and gave them useful recommendations to improve them as well.

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