Managed Services

Businesses, today, are faced with one of the worst economic climates for decades. The need to stay on top of costs and maintain/ improve business services is fundamental to sustained success. The burden and pressure this creates for IT is unparalleled in recent years. Having the correct strategy, applications, technology and services partner is paramount to meet the demands of business if IT is to control budgets and maximise any investment.

Over the lifecycle span of software applications, nearly 70% of the cost goes into Application Support & Maintenance activities. Investment in applications is critical for the future success of a modern enterprise, and optimally managing the applications is the key to greater efficiency, innovation and growth. Global enterprises can unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through effective application management, making it a critical business imperative.

JKT’s Application Managed Services (AMS) help our clients overcome these challenges by reducing costs, reducing faults, improve performance, improve quality, free up internal resource to focus on core business and deliver integrated, end-to-end IT solutions and services to help your business move in the right direction.

JKT has helped many leading clients across various industries enable this transformation. As a result, we have developed a deep understanding of the dynamics between business and IT and has created an approach to repeat this success through pro-active Application Management Services. We take responsibility for client applications, ensuring that they remain fully operational. We deliver continuous improvement to enhance not only the quality of service but also customer satisfaction.

JKT AMS is an ITIL based SLA driven Application Support Service flexible to cover:

  • Any client operational model
  • Any Technology Platform
  • Any Bespoke or packaged applications
  • Any engagement model
JKT AMS cater end to end support to:
  • Live applications
  • Early life support applications
  • Integration Services

We bring together technologies tightly coupled by ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) – internationally recognized best practices for service management. Our SAP certified AMS offers customised solutions with service level agreements (SLA) as per the requirement under managed services, which includes:

  • Proactive Incident analysis & monitoring

    Includes 24×7 monitoring of applications for availability, performance, capacity and batch monitoring /management. Application service desk includes incident management activities such as incident recording, initial investigation of issues, tracking and escalation management and closure, user administration and service reporting.

  • Problem Identification & Root Cause Analysis

    Involves a detailed analysis of incident, incident resolution and problem management activities such as trend analysis, root cause analysis, known error establishment, creation of RFC and break fixes excluding code changes.

  • Change Management in Practice

    End to End change management process implementation to ensure that changes are recorded and then evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner and interfaces with ITIL compliant process periphery. Major among interfaces includes Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, etc.

  • DB Support Service

    Monitor and tune the database as needed to optimize performance. This includes custom build solutions to meet your requirements and fix internal database issues. Our services include all major database platforms.

  • Service Desk

    We offer around-the-clock service desk services in incident management and call resolution through training programs for service desk staff and business users through best possible communication channel.

Key Features

JKT’s AMS cover all or part of client’s application portfolio to enable focus on core strategic business competencies. JKT applies its deep business and technology skills and business processes to streamline application management functions, improve governance and transform your application portfolio – all while reducing costs. JKT’s competencies cover a wide range of professional services in all areas of application support.

The key components of JKT AMS are:

  • Proven approach to detailing service definition covering application scope, service windows, SLAs and service demand
  • ­Clear and simple commercial terms and swift route to contract
  • ­Robust and reliable transition model
  • ­ITIL compliant processes and procedures for incident, problem & change management
  • ­Clear governance to manage a mature business relationship and shared plans
  • ­Customised reporting and service dashboard
  • ­Service Maturity Model to ensure continuous improvement
  • ­Proven tools and procedures to handle an onsite/offshore model

Clients benefit from immediate cost savings driven through a base set of services and initiatives tailored to meet each client’s challenges. Various service models are available depending on the client need, maturity and commitment. These include Staff Augmentation (T&M), Capacity Based, Service Based and Shared Services.

JKT AMS Framework

JKT is AMS (Application Management Services) certified by SAP AG. The certification is provided to SAP partners after a rigorous assessment of their delivery and support capabilities. JKT has refined its AMS delivery framework and support capabilities over many engagements. The framework exactly caters for all application support needs of any company. The service delivery of AMS is based on industry standard ITIL framework with clear segregation of duties. JKT use their proven AMS methodology from initiation through transformation to operations.

JKT AMS Transitional Model has a standard and proven methodology for Application Transition Management.

The roadmap to managed service is:

Definition Phase

The Definition phase will be a one-time activity well initiated post Due Diligence & MOU Sign Off.

Set-up Phase

This phase commence once an agreement to proceed with the service has been achieved. It includes activities such as infrastructure setup, JKT Tools setup and Capacity Planning.

Preparatory Phase

This phase includes the list of activities which are mandatory before an application goes into the Managed Service Baseline Phase. This phase includes the activities related to application version base lining, resource build up, knowledge transfer, environment setup (both onsite and offshore), Mantis (Service Management Tool) configuration, Knowledge Error Database (KEDB) setup, shift planning, stakeholder information, guideline/code standards availability.

Baseline Phase

This phase is operation stabilization phase of the JKT’s standard transition approach. It include all the activities related to supporting the applications as per agreed operating model and applicable Service Level Targets and will be the period when the service is monitored and amended to ensure that an optimized service meets requirements.

Steady Phase

This phase will commence once the baseline period is completed. This phase designates the start of running the applications in managed service with applicable SLA’s in line with contractual obligations.

JKT has been providing Application Management Services for many global customers across various industries, including Unilever, Specsavers, Tyco Electronics, Faurecia, Remy, and GE.

Service Maturity Model

During steady state operation, JKT will apply their service maturity model which consists of Service Assurance and Continuous Improvement. We supplement the service team with shadow resources which is a fundamental contributor to service assurance. The use of uncharged, shadow resource not only reduces the risk to the service from attrition but also adds value in enabling us to ramp-up quickly in response to spikes in service demand.

JKT Application Management Services offerings range from generalized offerings to Application Value enhancements. Key aspect of Application Value is the retention of knowledge for which AMS is a key contributor to knowledge sharing and retention. It establishes a standard, structured format of technology and other organisational related areas to enable services.

At JKT, we provide fully trained & experienced resource to add value to your applications, whether in a support, maintenance or managed capacity. We provide our services with flexible engagement models to suit your project/ business requirements for resource ramp up or down and budgets. Working to defined service levels (KPI’s), a fully documented service and controllable costs, utilizing onshore, offshore resource or a combination to suit the IT, operational or business requirements.

Overall our solutions deliver best fit and best value through:

  • 10 years of domain and functional knowledge of business and applications
  • A proven ITIL -based, process driven, robust and predictable service
  • ­A flexible and scalable service to meet future Client IT application support requirements
  • ­Proven operations aligned and integrated with Client processes
  • ­Low cost, value for money service
  • ­Industry standard operations
  • ­A Service Maturity Model proven to deliver Continuous Improvement
  • ­Proven JKT capability on knowledge retention
  • ­Absolute commitment to success and client satisfaction
AMS enables the following transformations:

Delivery – from a skills and time-based model to a reusable assets and automation-based model

Cost – from an hourly rate based model to an outcome-based model

Metrics – from utilization measures to performance-based value measures

Control – from direct line of management to a more centralized pool of shared resources

Workflow – from location-based global delivery centres to virtual workflow distributed among centres and geographic locations

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