Global Delivery

All across the world, leading technology companies are striving to achieve the perfect balance between technical excellence and effective global service delivery. Organizations that have excelled and broken new ground in IT services have single mindedly focused on optimization across time, cost and quality.

JKT’s Global Delivery Model (GDM) is an outstanding example of a delivery system that seamlessly leverages technical skills and domain expertise from a vast knowledge pool. It offers ‘local experience & global value’ to customers through a network of global centres and continuously improves the quality, cost-effectiveness and delivery times of solutions and services.

Global Delivery Model

JKT’s carefully designed and successfully tested GDM achieves an optimal integration of the following engagements –

Onsite Engagement

Typically, projects with local and iterative requirements derive maximum value and benefit from this type of setup. The engagement facilitates clients to get the work executed completely at their premises. An onsite team of managers, consultants and programmers coordinate and execute the project seamlessly. This team also addresses the clients need to have local end-user interaction to decrease the turnaround time. Onsite engagement delivers highly effective and customized IT solutions to suit the business specific environment.

Onsite engagement involves requirement analysis, client site feasibility analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and support services in a wide variety of technologies.

Offsite Engagement

Similar to onsite engagement, offsite engagement provides clients with a team of managers, consultants and programmers in the client geographical area rather than at the client site. This stream addresses the client’s need to have market proximity and delivers maximum return on IT investments.

Offsite engagement involves project initiation, requirements analysis, and execution of the project at all the stages of a software development life cycle.

Offshore Engagement

The offshore engagement is at the heart of JKT’s global service delivery. Actuated by two state–of–the-art Offshore Development Centres (ODCs) in India, offshore engagement facilitates predictable, cost-effective and low-risk delivery with high quality results.

Offshore engagement provides the most cost-effective framework for operations worldwide and fully leverages JKT’s core competencies. The JKT Global Delivery Model’s robust processes, tools and infrastructure seamlessly align projects with cutting edge technology standards. A strict adherence to ISO standard processes enables execution in a distributed development environment and remote support.

It is a constant endeavour to reap maximum rewards from the GDM and offer clients the following benefits:
  • Local access to the best knowledge pool of resources that are highly skilled and trained as per your requirements
  • Operational Efficiency in terms of reliable and timely delivery
  • Maximized Value
  • Optimized Costs
  • Mitigating risks through a perfect blend of all the engagements (onsite, offsite and offshore)

The Global Delivery Model provides greater control over the project at every stage in a number of engagements; thereby facilitating our customers to ‘think local & act global’. This, combined with our innovative and successful ideas to apply technology, enables businesses to compete effectively in the global environment.

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