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IT departments today are under great pressure than ever before to deliver high quality solutions, streamline operations and increase business agility in less time and with reduced budgets. At JKT, we help our clients leverage the latest in information technology to dramatically improve their lines of service, operations and drive their business forward to greater success.

JKT have provided services and delivered solutions in over 25 countries across the globe to meet our client’s business needs. We have built a diverse and impressive customer base with relationships spanning many years and whom we are proud to act as a services partner. We are driven by a simple yet powerful tenet of providing Total Customer Satisfaction and to this end we continuously work to exceed customer expectations.

We strive to provide the best services and solutions for our clients and are proud to share some of what our clients have to say about JKT:

“JKTech has proven to be a great resource, with their high technical skills, accessibility and reliability.”

Anne Sato, Business System Analyst
Epson Portland Inc.

We wanted to share our celebration with you. We did it!!!!….. We appreciate all you have done. It has been Great working with you!!!

Patsy Reid, Project Manager
Interstate Batteries

“We’ve used JKT’s offshore resources for a number of years, primarily for Progress 4GL development. The programmers provide great value, learn quickly, and over time have reached a point where they require very little supervision even though our specs are generally vague or non-existent. Every change is documented, and if they are ever unsure about which approach to take to solve a problem, they consult with me, after preparing one or more options, for approval/suggestions before proceeding. There is always a shadow resource familiar with our project, whenever the primary resource is unavailable for any reason. There is partial overlap of our workdays, which makes knowledge transfer easy to accomplish over Skype/Phone/Email. I highly recommend JKT.”

Michael DeBoer, Software Architect

“Unicorn HRO established our relationship with JKT over 10 years ago. Since then, our relationship has much grown stronger with the JKT team becoming part of our long term development strategy. This is possible because of the commitment by the JKT team to quality and on schedule delivery.”

Dan McLeroy | VP Product Development
Unicorn HRO

“I’d like to express my thanks to JKT and the team for the work carried out for our Partner Portal in the JBoss platform. We found the team professional, knowledgeable and very good to work with. Our revamped site offers our users a much greater, navigation, ease of use and overall experience, and has proved to be an effective business tool.”

Dan Balachandra
Acer Computer Australia

“Adaco Services had never outsourced prior to hiring JKT. We’ve found our revenues rapidly increase since we have been able to supplement our existing team with members from JKT. We are now able to offer our customers additional services that we were not able to offer in the past. We are also able to provide more enhancements to our software then we have ever done in our history. JKT has given us first-rate service across the board. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Mark Pinsley

“JKT team have greatly contributed to make epicentre stable and reliable. Our support to epicentre has been significantly reduced to 20% during weekdays by implementing new functionality and fixing the root cause of few bugs in epicentre and no planned support over weekend. As a result we are delivering more features into production”

Head of IT

“I wanted to let you know that so far the current progress and development we are making to clarity is nothing short of fantastic. On a daily basis, I hear nothing but compliments on how useful and beneficial the Clarity tool is. This new system has already become a part of the daily work of the BOS office. Our users have grown to rely on what Clarity tells them in order to help manage the workflows each and every day.

BOS is very satisfied with the progress for new development, and the quick response to change requests which come in from Greg and Tom. I have yet to hear even one complaint on the Clarity system from any of our users. All feedback has been positive. I wanted to send thanks to you for your continued support in this project, as well as your very easy going attitude towards change requests and new development.”

Chris Shelley
Berkheimer OneSource

“Thank you so much. This will save our company a lot of money in postage when we start to send out somewhere near a million final returns in the next week or two. I truly appreciate all your efforts. Now go and get some rest.”

Becky Flanagan, Team Leader
Berkheimer Outsourcing Inc.

“I would like to provide an update regarding the work JKT has done on the Scheduler for Boart Longyear. In many ways JKT has exceeded our expectations. JKT was very quick to correctly set up the environments necessary to build and test the Scheduler. It is sometimes very difficult to take code developed by a 3rd party and understand it enough to make changes without causing unintended side effects. This project has gone so well that we are considering making additional changes we believed would not be worth the effort”

David Tilton
Boart Longyear Company

“We have found JKT very friendly and easy to work with… The quality of the development / programming work completed has generally been very good… The POPS project has been well project managed at the JKT end with work being completed within anticipated deadlines. JKT have been able to demonstrate an excellent understanding of both the actual application being developed and also, very importantly, the business context in which it fits. As a result, JKT have been able to put forward improvements and alternatives that benefit business processes… Overall we’re very happy with both JKT’s approach and quality of work.”

Graham Shaw, Business Improvement
Boots Contract Manufacturing

“JKT have, over the years, proved themselves to be a worthy partner. We have thrown many challenges their way, some quite difficult, however I continue to be impressed by JKT’s response, professionalism and commitment to help us achieve our operational goals.”

Andy Bailey, Technology &
Information Director, Capita Hartshead

“JKT has done an excelling job at providing us consultants that match our very high technical requirement.”

Kevin Linardic
Carrier Logistics Inc.

“JKT has been a vital part of the success of our work last year. JKT’s work has always been to a very high standard and very reliable.”

Head of Development,

“Thanks for the cooperation and support which you provided me during project. Without your help it would not have been possible to shape up the project the way it is. The work done by you in Portal Content development and Portal Administration was remarkable and this development was very crucial for the success of project. Thanks once again and It was great working with you. All the Best, for your future.”

Ms Nidhi, SAP Portals Consultant
Professional Services

“HMS has been extremely useful for EHA in managing the systems efficiently and it has helped in reducing the patient waiting time at all the counters… It has helped EHA in better control over the stock and hence planning of inventory reduction. The use of HMS has increased the morale of the staff by virtue of it being new technology.”

Victor Emmanuel, Manager
Hospital Planning, Development & Monitoring

“JKT took us a mile more than we asked for to keep us more comfortable in our business. Hats off to your dedication and commitment right from the TOP.”

Muralidharan V
Empee Group Chenna

“We have been very impressed with JKT’s ability to provide support to the Flakt Woods Group for our sites that run the QAD ERP system. Over the past three years, JKT have consistently demonstrated a sound understanding of QAD systems and Progress technology and delivered a great service. We have significantly benefitted from JKT’s offshore delivery capability.”

Rolf Beggerow,
Global Applications Manager,
Flakt Woods Group, UK

“JKT is flexible and reacts quickly to our ongoing requirements and business changes; they value our business and ensure that Indiabull’s operation is enhanced. JKT resources deployed at our site bring rich experience from their past experiences, which helped us in implementing some of the best practices of SAP.”

Sameer Khanna, SAP Manager
Indiabulls Financial Services

“This has been an exceptionally managed and well delivered project. My personal congratulations to you and your team.

Although I have not met you in person, but I was very confident from the very beginning when I had a telephonic conversation with you.”

Kout Food Group

“I wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you and your teams have directed towards the development of the Maison Blanc Website. During this time you have provided Maison Blanc with excellent support. I’m sure your efforts will be a major factor in our website’s success.”

Head of Marketing
Maison Blanc

“We congratulate the JKT team… for their patience, perseverance and untiring efforts in pursuing of their tasks to get the HMS going. They have done a great job!”

Dr Myrna Velasquez
Mary Johnston Hospital

“JKT has been extremely helpful to Patanjali Yogpeeth in managing the system efficiently. JKT has been a strong partner in terms of the software services provider. We place this on record that whatever we had asked has been given to us by JKT. JKT has really lived up to our expectations. It’s been so far so good and we must mention here that the software developed and installed has been working satisfactorily.”

Lalit Mohan
Patanjali Yogpeeth

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate JKT for the great work which they have done during the first phase of the project. I am proud of having such team working with us; JKT has not only exceeded the expectations in terms of quality deliverables but has also helped us in achieving our goal.”

Ricardo Leitao, Director
Progress Software Corp, USA

“JKT have assisted in meeting our development requirements for over two years in a number of different ways. We have delivered successful development with the assistance of developers working in India and more recently we have installed self managed JKT teams in our offices in England. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of all JKT developers I have worked with”

Craig Richmond, Head of Development
Rental Group

“Specsavers and JKT have been working together for over 8 years and we knew that the JKT’s commitment to Specsavers, their knowledge of our applications and adherence to quality standards were the right fit for our legacy service. We are delighted to continue our relationship in the knowledge that the service is in safe hands.”

David Guest, Director of Applications & Architecture

“I would like to pass on our sincere thanks and congratulations to all at JKT for the highly successful completion of the first “Denmark Drop” of Socrates7. Not only was this an important piece of work for a strategic and high profile Specsavers project, it was also the first “outcome based” piece of development work between JKT and Specsavers. The fact it was delivered both ON TIME and with ZERO DEFECTS is fantastic! Please do ensure all of those who contributed to this fine piece of work are congratulated and thanked on our behalf. We look forward to the completion of many more high quality and successful fixed-price work packages in 2012.”

David Bottomley, Head of IT Delivery

“Please relay to the people that worked on TMK that we have received compliments on the quality of the work. This has been relayed to the executives at SumTotal. Please pass on our thanks for a job well done.”

Mario Sirois, Director of Technical Services
Sum Total Systems

“JKT continue to surprise me with the quality of talent and experience the team has brought into IDG. I have found JKT to be a flexible, reliable and trustworthy partner which has always risen to the occasion. Thank you JKT for your enthusiasm, professionalism and ‘make it happen’ attitude, which has significantly contributed to our overall success as a business”

David Jack, CIO,

“As you know, LCG were in our Aberdeen office recently in order to test the costing dashboard screens. The testing seemed to go very well and there were very few problems, which allowed the customer to sign off on the work and go home early. (I think they were originally planning to be in Aberdeen for 4 days, but went back to London after 3). I just wanted to thank you for your efforts on this piece of work. I appreciate that there was a lot of work involved in interpreting the specification, and you seemed to identify the vast majority of the potential problem areas in advance of testing – which I think was essential to this part of the project”

Brendan Flood
Development Team Leader

“I want to acknowledge the exceptional work ethic and talent that JKT brings to the team. It is slightly more than a year that we have had JKT on the production support, which makes all of us sleep better. You are a tribute to the organisation and we are grateful for your talent and services. Thank you for doing what you are doing and doing it so well.”

Krishna Kumar Goswami
Tyco Electronics

“It has been a very pleasant experience working with JKT. I have found the team from JKT not only demonstrating commitment, sound technical competence and business process knowledge, but also a flexible approach with an adaptable delivery model to business challenges we face each day. Overall JKT is driving a good show and I have no hesitation to recommend their services to other stake holders within Unilever UK or externally.”

Zel Hilliar,
Unilever UK

“I would like to thank JKT for contributing immensely to our QA services and help us improve the overall quality of our product. Your QA professionals have been meticulous and of high calibre. We have thoroughly enjoyed the professional and courteous relationship with your company.”

David Roberts, QA Team Leader
VT Software Solutions Ltd.

“In JKT, we have found a real partner who will continue to help us enhance our competitive advantage. The best thing about JKT is the ‘ease of doing business’ with them. JKT offers tremendous flexibility and responsiveness to meet our requirements. We are particularly impressed with the quality of their professionals who consistently demonstrate high levels of technical competency.”

Richard Wainwright, Product Strategy Director
VT Software Solutions Ltd.

“I would like to thank you for the excellent assistance you have provided with Oracle XE. I appreciate that this is all at short notice and has been quite a demand on your time. As you know, we don’t have Oracle skills in-house as yet, so your knowledge and helpfulness is very much appreciated. Once again, thank you very much for all of your valuable help.”

Development Head

“I just wanted to highlight that over the last few weeks we have been very impressed with the support that JKT has been giving the CRM team. We recognise both the CMDP database and the epiphany tool have been around for some time now and may well be in need of a “bigger picture overhaul”, but JKT’s work has been very much appreciated in keeping the CRM team working efficiently”

Head of Customer Retention
Major Online Retailer in UK

“We take this opportunity to put on record our deep appreciation and acknowledge JKT’s Contributions towards successful SAP GO LIVE of Meghalaya Cements Ltd as per scheduled date on 7th October, 2014.
The Professionalism and knowledge shown by JKT implementation team was exemplary and added value into our business process. Continuous hand holding of our users by JKT team helped us to manage this transformation and quick user adoption. We always found your team on our side whenever it was needed.
We look forward to our continued partnership in our future endeavor.”

Mr. Anil Kapur
Vice President, MCL

“At JKT we have established ourselves as the IT Services partner of choice in a number of our customers and are proud to boast that over 70% of our business comes from repeat clients. We thank all our clients for the support they have given JKT over the years and look forward to a continued successful relationship.”


Uttam Shah

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