BRMS – Power of Business Agility

Learn how you can empower business people in making right decision at right time with business agility that includes both SPEED and ACCURACY……with CONTROL.

22nd Feb, 2018
45 Minutes


Prabhu Jha
Vice President,
Head of Progress Competency
Archana Gupta
Progress Technical Architect

Enterprises make thousands of recurring decisions every day. These decisions are governed by business rules. In an IT system, these business rules become the basic ingredients of any mission critical application. Sometime rules are in such a large number and so complex that once programmed it becomes a massive piece of code (several thousand lines) which is very difficult to maintain and manage. BRMS comes in play for applications which need to program not hundred but thousands of rules. It is an intuitive tool which gives the power of managing and changing the rules to business people with little or no dependence on IT group.

If your business is facing big challenges like

  • Business people can’t see what rules are applied
  • Hard to see what decisions are being made
  • Adding new products/business rules take time (6 months of development cycle)
  • System does not know what actions to take, so manual action is needed
  • Lack of consistency

Then, it’s time to think differently (out of box).

In this webinar, our expert panel will showcase how BRMS brings agility, scalability in the business and help business execute complex logic, which needs to be applied at very fast pace in the constant changing environment.

Key Takeaways

  • What is a BRMS?
  • Why we need a BRMS?
  • Where it fits?
  • Benefits of using BRMS
  • Major BRMS available in the market

Join JK Technosoft thought leaders, for an interactive webinar on ” BRMS – power of business agility… “

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