IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

Precise. Pervasive. Powerful. The introduction of connected devices and networked sensors is rapidly transforming the manufacturing landscape. As per data released by IDC, the manufacturing sector at USD 178 billion, accounts for the largest spend among all other sectors on IoT based solutions.

The reasons for this rapid adoption are many – IoT has been proven to enhance efficiency by enabling automation of several tedious functions and processes, better customer-centricity, and greater competitive benefits across the entire manufacturing value chain.

Better Efficiency. Seamless Performance

IoT enables dealers and equipment manufacturers a single-point view of their products, helping them to understand and predict trends with ease. It is also remarkable for its ease of adoption – existing equipment may be retrofitted with a new generation of sensors that enable real-time interactions while IoT-enabled devices.

Benefits for Manufacturers:

Let’s begin with an example – there is no undermining the effects of temperatures rising in a cold storage delivery truck. But, with our IoT manufacturing solutions, the issue will be identified immediately and restorative action taken without need for human interference. Additionally, as the truck journeys from point A to point B, data will be collected and collated which can be analyzed to enhance operational efficiency, optimize profitability, and yield significant cost benefits.

The benefits of IoT for a manufacturer are

  • view assets in real time, from anywhere,
  • enhancing machine capabilities through autonomy,
  • intelligent action via machine-to-machine communication
  • higher capacity of corrective and restorative action,
  • get data to analyze usage, behavior for better customer experiences,
  • predict maintenance activities requirements,
  • utilize uptime more effectively

With years of specialized experience in IoT solutions for manufacturing industry, JKT has the technical know-how and domain expertise to handle the IoT requirements of manufacturing organizations of various sizes and scales. Accordingly, together with our partners, we offer to our customers two state-of-the-art solutions to drive further efficiency and improve productivity to manufacturers.

Next-generation supply chain solutions for manufacturers

Manufacturers must integrate business strategy and supply chain initiatives to boost their operational excellence. An efficient supply chain can prove invaluable in reducing logistics costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. JK Technosoft’s partnership with Pega, industry leaders in customer relationship and business process management, allows us to offer solutions to easily capture data and leverage manufacturer’s analytical strengths, to infuse more efficiency into their supply chains.

The JKT Advantage

We are backed by a dedicated team of consultants, developers and technology architects who will work with your company to understand your specific requirements and develop customized solutions. Driving our success are our strategic IoT partnerships and alliances, and our hands-on experience in enabling digital transformations for several clients in the manufacturing domain.