JK Tech Innovation Hub is a collaborative platform to explore the power and possibilities to ideate unusual ideas and confront new realities. The innovation hub leverages disruptive start-ups, creative thinking, strategies, innovation and frameworks posted by practitioners from various industries and geographies globally to discover the next big innovation.

The Innovation Lab, our centre for research and innovation, is an interactive space where the minds of a data scientist, strategist, design thinker and technologist collaborate to “disrupt the status-quo”, transform the business challenges into opportunities and unveil the new horizons of advanced business and technology solutions. We connect insights on customer trends, business and technology adoption, explore various use cases across industries, weaving it all together with emerging technology solutions to unlock the substantial business value and experience innovation. Our team of professional geeks harness the power of technologies like Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud to help the customer imagine the future and empower them to turn impactful business ideas into real-world solutions.

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Our dedicated innovation lab is the channel between enterprises, both legacy as well as a digital native and disruptive start-ups.

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The Lab allows access to the innovative equipment, resources and talent to transform the idea into reality while identifying the best practice and methodologies to implement it.

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Our platforms bring together top industry minds to conduct research, brainstorm and discover cutting-edge technologies, software and frameworks that are ready to be applied ‘next’.

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We build bespoke custom-built hyper-personalized solutions, prototypes, and pilot disruptive solutions and also evaluate its real-world performance while incorporating feedbacks to scale up the productivity of the solutions.

Our Innovation Lab creates an open, collaborative platform based on a unique partnership between JK Tech, our leading enterprise customers and promising start-ups globally.

Startups are the backbone of the digital ecosystem as they have a passionate spirit and bring futuristic solutions to the market. However, they seek opportunities for global reach. JK Tech recognizes this gap within the ecosystem and bridges this gap by bringing trust, deep understanding and distribution, thereby serving as the conduit of change for tomorrow.

What’s in it for you?

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Partner with JK Tech, a dynamic digital enterprise, to build scalable industry solutions.

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Get experience across various industry verticals.

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Opportunity to work with JK Tech’s global and diversified customers.

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Mature your idea/product/service for global fitment and take it to a broader audience base.

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Get inspired and work with ingenious minds to explore the possibilities and opportunities of turning ideas and vision into reality.

Design Thinking
for Innovation

Design Thinking is an approach that gives life to ideas, creativity and innovation. It encourages organizations to focus on the people they’re creating for, which leads to wonderful outcomes in the form of better products, services and processes. At every level of an organization, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you’re just not seeing them yet.

A design-thinking methodology helps in forming a business vision and create a guided approach to bring that vision to reality.

The process is broadly classified into three phases.


Benchmark, Fieldwork, Observe, Photograph and Share.


Brainstorm, Select Few, Rapid Model, Integration and Testing.


Design, Prototype, Testing and Specifications.

Design principles are applied to strategies to improve the success rate for innovation. It invokes the idea of continuously redesigning business models to create advances in both innovation and efficiency.

The prime framework involves discovery, reframe opportunity, incubate, ideate, illuminate, refine ideas, rapid prototype, deliver and iterate. JK Tech promises Design Thinking involving 3 major pillars: People “Desirable”, Business “Viable” and Technical “Viable”. The key to all of them is the primary output being innovation

JK Tech follows a three-step process of Explore, Create and Implement. These processes involve client briefing, bringing up new insights, invoking innovation and providing a handoff packaging.

Few Key Benefits of Design Thinking and its Industrialization

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It creates value and helps in solving complex and real-time problems.

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Centralized and Evolutionary Process in – Designing, Testing and Iterations.

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Employs Empathy – Identify the needs and challenges of the end-users running the systems.

Partnership With T-Hub for Building the Innovation Ecosystems

T-Hub (Technology Hub) is an innovation intermediary and business incubator providing startups access to technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors and government agencies.


Unlocking Limitless Possibilities

JK Tech and IIT Kanpur have associated with an aim to incubate innovative ideas and develop breakthrough solutions by leveraging the latest technologies that will have a near-term impact on businesses and the community at large.

Smart Retail Analytics

The retail industry requires a strong data strategy to comprehend the complex data available and help retailers overcome the challenges of the dynamic and competitive landscape.

Retail Analytics can prove to be a game-changer as it results in insights that can lead to targeted decisions according to different customer personas. JK Tech aids retailers to utilize the fragmented data to its highest potential enabling them to achieve desired business results.

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