Agile Development

Leading manufacturer of shower bath and shower door enclosures streamlines its development process

The client is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high quality shower doors etc


The Client

The client is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high quality shower doors, tub doors, shower enclosures and acrylics shower bases. The company is very well known for off-the-shelf and custom shower door solutions with sleek modern style and impressive value. They are passionate about smart and visionary design delivering affordable luxury bathroom solutions to the bath and shower marketplace.

The Challenge

The client was facing multiple challenges in streamlining the development process. The main challenges that were faced were as follows:

  • Delayed release cycle due to manual deployments between different environments.
  • Deployments were error prone due to manual steps involved in deployment.
  • Unable to track code revision history, could not go back to earlier version when required.
  • Chances of overwritten code by other developers.

The Solution

The JKT team proposed an Agile based development and deployment setup, which would help streamline the whole development process from requirements gathering till PROD deployment. Working closely with the client team, JKT team implemented a Continuous Integration and Deployment solution that helped break the development into shorter Agile sprints.

The code was maintained in a cloud based source repository and the deployments across different environments were automated. Whenever a piece of code was committed to the repository it triggered an automatic deployment. Developers are notified if the deployment fails due to any reason. The whole process was tracked till end using JIRA and the related documentation was done on Confluence which was linked to JIRA.

Following were the tools used to make this solution a success:

  • BitBucket repository – A GIT based online code repository tool.
  • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence – JIRA is an AGILE project tracking tool while Confluence is a team sharing tool that is closely linked with JIRA.
  • BitBucket Pipelines – A cloud and Docker based continuous build and deployment tool for BitBucket repository.
  • migration tool – ANT based build and migration tool for Salesforce development.
  • Eclipse – Open source IDE used for development.

The Benefits

After the initial hiccups related to process adoption, the client has seen significant benefits and is quite happy with the results so far.

  • Shorter well defined releases resulting in quick turnaround time for high priority business items.
  • Productivity of development team improved by more than 25% due to automated deployments.
  • Noticeable improvement in quality of deliverables, errors are caught early and fixed.
  • Team is able to maintain code revision history, older version of code readily available when required.