Death Insurance Claim Management

The leading Claim Administrator leveraged Blockchain to automate the insurance claims filled by the beneficiaries of a recently demised.

One of the leading global claims administrator


The Situation

Usually it takes 3-6 months for the disbursal of Death claim benefit post the death of a person. The paper trail is large, initiating from hospital to cemetery to claimant claiming the disbursal of Insurance benefits. Each of these stakeholders have their own system of records and databases. The segmented and local view don’t guarantee the transparency and trust between stakeholders and subject to security concerns.

The Solution

With Blockchain, a common ledger is created which is maintained by all the parties involved and driven by consensus. This automates the Death Claim disbursement.

Distributed Network would comprise of networks of:

  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Cemetery
  • Citizens

A public blockchain network would be ideal for the system. Ethereum is one of the leading Blockchain framework and has capabilities to scale depending on number of blocks and size of transactions. A smart contract is deployed to automate the entire process.

Architecture Diagram

The Benefits

  • Cost of processing a claim significantly reduces.
  • Beneficiaries receive the funds faster.
  • False claims can be tackled as there is single central database.