Digital Solution for Logistics Company

Using with hand-held mobile devices to automated stock in-warding process for one of the Logistics software service provider

The client is a major public transportation agency based in United States


The Situation

The client has several end users of their logistics and supply chain management solution. Some of the problems being faced by many of their customers are:

  • Manual inventory in-warding process resulting lower efficiency of workers & supervisors.
  • Too many systems and semi-manual process for report generation.
  • Late information to buying team for low inventory resulting into delay in serving customers and additional cost.

All these problems were leading to major operational impact in the form of:

  • Low accuracy of inventory count, longer physical inventory count time.
  • Impact on planning as utilization report is either inaccurate or takes longer.
  • Higher lead time resulting into customer dissatisfaction, canceled orders, loss of revenue.

JKT Solution

JK Technosoft started working with the client by looking at their current Digital footprint and plans. While providing solution to the current challenges being faced was on priority, an overall Digital Transformation planning workshop was done and as an outcome, a Digital Roadmap for the year was established.

Key Features

  • Automated stock in-ward process.
  • Automated physical inventory check.
  • Timely updates to purchase department for raising new orders.
  • One click reporting for all plants across locations.
  • On the move reports for VPs/CXOs.