EDI Services for Accuracy and Business Enhancement

EDI Solution Provider Automate the Order process in the ERP Application to enhance their Existing Business

One of the biggest automobile parts supplier in USA

The Client

One of the biggest automobile parts supplier in US who manufactures alternators, starters and hybrid motors for the heavy duty and light duty equipment markets also remanufacture alternators and starters as refurbished products. As one of the largest producers of remanufactured starters and alternators for the aftermarket, company provides electrical replacement components, replacement parts and powertrain/drivetrain components for automobiles and light trucks. In the automotive segment our client stands as a major supplier to large automotive parts retailers. In addition theysupply repair shops with their brand through a network of Warehouse Distributors (WD) customers. In North America, Power Products facilities are located in Mexico, Oklahoma, and Indiana.

The Objective

Client wanted to transform the existing huge order to be placed automatically for the various customer and the count of acknowledgement on number of orders loaded and failed. Also the Advance shipping notice and Invoice to be send on time with 100% accuracy via automated EDI process.

The Solution

JKT facilitated and supported the EDI-Ecommerce solution with QAD as ERP and integrated the ERP with the Third party application tool named GIS. This implementation resulted acceptance of huge EDI order with 100% accuracy into the ERP system automatically. This solution also helps in providing acknowledgement to the customer on time via automated EDI process. Advance shipping notice and invoice also automated by this EDI process.

The Benefits

Our client’s customers are well satisfied as their orders are placed on time with timely acknowledgement of orders. ASN and invoice processing are also done in timely manner with 100% accuracy by which our client is able to process huge orders from their customers. This implementation helped our client to get more orders and subsequently enhanced their business.