Enhanced Operational and Cost Efficiency

Leading building products manufacturer increased operational and cost efficiencies and boosted the client’s confidence by using our solution

Leading manufacturer of specialty wood products


The Client

Company manufactures building products, including windows, interior and exterior doors, and related building products. It has over 100 divisions and 20,000 employees in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2015, It was featured in the top spot for brand familiarity (Door: Interior Passage and Window: Vinyl) by the Builder magazine.

The Situation

Client’s particular challenge was that its ERP system was unable to cope with the changing business needs of the organization. It lacked structure in terms of processes and service levels and needed additional modules. The company’s ability to serve its clients was severely compromised because there was a backlog of bugs reported in the ERP which were not addressed due to shortage of staff.

The Solution

Deploying our expertise and experience in ERP solutions, we were able to enhance the existing system and developed new modules from scratch. We converted several modules into web interfaces. The age of backlog tickets was brought down to under 20 days and the system was secured against bugs. Apart from helping them to implement changes, enhancements, fixes in its production systems, we also provided support to its customers and on-site and off-shore resources. We affected timely delivery for testing and implementation as well.


Client experienced a significant improvement in the quality of its ERP support. Apart from helping the client to make huge savings, our solution brought in increased operational and cost efficiencies and boosted the client’s confidence in being able to provide improved services to its customers.