Enhancing UI/UX of Progress based B2B ERP

USA based Progress user improves its customer experience by revamping its B2B ERP user interface

A USA based Progress user has a home-grown ERP system for B2B retail.


The Client

A USA based Progress ISV has a home-grown ERP system for B2B retail. The ERP was designed and developed in Progress CHUI mode using the app server.

The challenge

  • Modernization of CHUI to GUI without modifying the business logic.
  • Modernization of ERP system for web and mobile users and reuse of existing ERP business logic.
  • Integrate the ERP with BI tool.

The Solution

  • A framework was designed to give a modern GUI look to the CHUI application. There was no code change implemented on the business logic side.
  • Hybrid Mobile App was suggested to customer with Opensource technology stack which communicate with existing OpenEdge ERP via REST API. The existing business logic of ERP is transformed to REST API. After REST API, the business logic is capable enough to communicate with any UI without any modification. The offline mobile application feature is helping their customers to get order even when the internet is not available.
  • The new web application was developed using Opensource technology stack. Mobile and web applications are sharing common business layer.

The Benefits

  • The modernized ERP is easy to access from any device.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Strong and secure IT and network infrastructure.
  • Scalable.