Improved Patient Experience

Leading hospital in India improves patient experience through step by step navigation and audio support using beacon sensors.

Client Name
Leading hospital in India

Industry Name

The Client

Leading Indian Hospital group which owns and manages over 6000 hospital beds. The group provides the most updated medical, surgical and diagnostic services and is devoted in their commitment of continuous improvement every day in every sector of its functions.

The Challenge

The client has large hospital, serving patients with focus on patient satisfaction and quality of hospital services through regular feedback they take from their patients and their attendants. As per the recorded feedback patients were finding it difficult to move around as the hospital is fairly large and they lose their way to a particular point of interest.

The Solution

JKTechnosoft implemented it’s “in reach” solution with Indoor navigation. It is available on Android platforms. It works with Beacons (BLE device) to detect the current location of the mobile device and guide the patient to the desired destination with in hospital.

The Benefits

The solution would certainly benefit users who are unfamiliar with large area hospital. Using mobile application, the hospital patient would have a better experience if they could navigate easily without any assistance. In places such as reception, OPD, the mobile application helps plan for the most optimal routes.