Integration Testing Services for a Major Logistics & Packaging Company

Our Testing team helped automate Business processes for US based major player in Logistics and Supply Chain Management solution.

Leading Logistics & Packaging player with HQ in US & operations across Asia, Australia, Americas and EMEA

Logistics & Packaging


Client was building its next generation integration platform for its suppliers, partners, vendors, customers and other stakeholders. It needed independent Testing services team to validate the platform and smoothen the solution delivery to production without shocks of post-production failures.


JKT Testing team with expertise on Logistics and Packaging domain, having already established several hundred use cases in Logistics & Packaging industry, analysed the business needs and implemented EDI Testing based solution, which included:

  • Quick Onboarding of team with experience in EDI integration testing.
  • Entire team working from offshore bringing cost optimization.
  • Formulation of Integration Test Strategy with tool selection as Postman.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) supporting X12 and EDIFACT.
  • End-to-end use case testing on integration platform.


  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) X12 and EDIFACT.
  • Biztalk / Logic App / Biztalk 360.
  • Web API Management.
  • Postman.

    • Order-to-cash cycle time reduced by more than 20%.
    • 30% improvement in operational cost efficiency.
    • Enabled real time visibility into transaction status.
    • Test execution cycle reduced by 35%.
    • Achieved 20% improvement in build turnaround time.