JKT Intelligent Automation

Forward looking organizations are finding opportunities to improve margin and efficiency by smartly deploying automation solution to their operations 

One of the top five Fast Moving Consumer Goods company.


The Client

The client is an multinational FMCG company with over 400 brands and sales of over 1 billion.

Business Objectives

The company were looking for a automated solution to help them improve their process and faster response to customers, the company was analyzing on how to save on their manual efforts and provide service round the clock. Also the company were looking on the best efficient reporting which would bring a comprehensive advantage with faster turn around time.

The Solution

JKT assisted the client with the help of Intelligent Automation by automating a part of their process which helped customer to save manual efforts and provide business services round the clock.
Intelligent Automation with integration across applications helped the clients business manage complex rule based sequence based activities of data consolidation. With a comprehensive coverage of automation across internal application and external applications (e.g. A C Nielsen) helped customer bring efficiency in reporting.

The Benefits

  • The solution quickly addressed the client office-centric data handling and processing tasks.
  • Higher ROI within few weeks of implementation.
  • Customer is planning to adapt the same technique to their various variety of business needs.
  • Customer has decided to increase the scalability for their range of capabilities in their enterprise.