Microsoft SSAS Based Reporting

Oil Retailer uses Multidimensional CUBE to expedite data access and retrieval

Client has creatively solving energy procurement, supply, and logistics challenges across U.S. and Canada.

Oil Retailing & Distribution

The Client

The Client is a leader in the dynamic North American energy supply, logistics and services enterprise. From petroleum products to CNG, LNG, specialty in chemicals and renewable fuels, their expertise spans all channels of transportation fuel and energy services.

The Challenge

  • To see the detail level data at first step while generally Cubes are used for analyzing the summary level data at first step and then summary level data is drilled down to detail level data Configuring the data format, source & destination for different client.
  • Facing slow performing cube due this requirement.
  • They wanted all the data from single point of interface like they needed Sales Analysis, Delivery Import Analysis from single cube.

The Solution

JKT proposed a solution for creating multidimensional cube which will have data from different data sources and work as central data repository and feed data for different reports.

Cube has been designed with following features to speed up the data retrieval and match the requirement.

  • Designed with drill through action based on calculated member. It is different from regular drill through action which are based on physical attribute in database table.
  • Created with well-designed design time and usage based aggregations for various attributes in dimensions.
  • Dimensions are designed with user hierarchies to speed up the data retrieval.
  • Designed with dynamic partitions to speed up the processing and retrieving tasks.

The Benefits

Apart from achieving the business objectives present solution could be enhanced as below:

  • Present cube could be used for data mining.
  • Small perspective could be created in the cube and cater to different user groups so that users can see only those measures and dimension which they want to see.
  • Power view could be used on cube data to create intuitive ad-hoc reports for business users such as data analysts, business decision makers, and information workers.