MS SSIS Solution for Sophisticated Analysis of Orders

US based media solutions provider improves time to market using intelligent business system.

Client is one of the most successful advertising agency

Media & Advertising

The Client

Client is a full-service brand response advertising agency, specializing in strategic planning, creative development, media planning, buying and analytics, for integrated cross channel marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

  • Combine data from WAM (Web Attribution Modelling- Tech Microsoft) and TT (Time Track Tech – Progress) into EDW.
  • Complex Analysis Methodology used in TT and WAM.
  • Huge Amount of Data ( in TBs).
  • Handling different type of Log PRE, POST, AFF, BVS for Direct/Indirect Attribution/Unattributed Web Response/ Unattributed Phone Response.

The Solution

JKT has provided a SSIS based solution to meet Business Objectives

  • Created Package which call .Net Code to pull data from Time Track (Progress) system in Batch and Pull data from WAM System. This System hold data about Attribution run for an Airing and Flight.
  • Created ETL Solution to populate EDW.
  • This EDW work as a Business Intelligence System which includes the data of Buying, Postlogs, Impressions, TRPs, Direct Attributed Responses, Indirect Attributed Responses, Unattributed Web Responses and Unattributed Phone Responses.

The Benefits

  • EDW will provide a platform for more sophisticated analysis demanded by the advertising marketplace of today.
  • EDW Will remove Manual Reporting Process.
  • Agency will be more efficient.
  • Better Decision Support System to analyze creative’s airing for a station/program over a span of years.