.Net Front-End Based Integration with Salesforce and SAP

Leading manufacture of Touch screens automates its Vendor onboarding process using Salesforce CRM and .Net

The client is a technology leader and original inventor of the touchscreen


The Client

The client is a technology leader and original inventor of the touchscreen with over 400 patents and the broadest touch technology portfolio in the industry today (Surface Acoustic Wave, Projective Capacitive, Surface Capacitive, Infrared and Resistive).

The Challenge

The Client was facing a serious challenge in onboarding new vendors into the SAP systems and wanted to automate this process using Salesforce CRM. The client asked JKT to work out an efficient and cost effective solution.

The Solution

JKT architects worked out a .Net front-end based integration with Salesforce and SAP, as per the features below:

  • .Net internal form for the employees to post the Vendor information who is to be onboarded. After submission this from would trigger an email to the vendor to complete the details related to Company, Finance, Address, Contact etc.
  • The Vendor would complete the external form and upload relevant documents. This would upload in Salesforce as a Supplier record with those attachments uploaded.
  • Email would be triggered from Salesforce to the Vendor team to review and submit for Approval process.
  • Procurement, Quality, Regional Controller and Finally Continuserve would approval based on Region and company codes they handle.
  • On Final Submission, .Net Batch job would pick the Supplier record from Salesforce and would submit it to SAP.
  • SAP would return Vendor number on Success and Error message on Failure to .Net Batch which would in turn update the SFDC.
  • Email would be sent to Vendors notifying them that they are onboarded.

The Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency due to automation of vendor onboarding process.
  • No additional SAP license cost for onboarding a new vendor.