QAD Enterprise Edition Implementation

Achieving a fully integrated QAD Enterprise Edition solution for the business with integration to Salesforce using Qxtend

Largest Tea manufacturer & Trader in Bangladesh

Food & Beverages

The Client

It is the largest tea trading company in the country and dominates the domestic tea market, capturing approximately 50% of the national branded tea market and 80% of the branded tea-bag market. The company has an unrivalled distribution network of over 517 sales centers under 24 Divisional offices, more than 27 businesses like Tea, Textiles, transports, Hotels etc. It has more than 10,000 employees.

The Challenge

The Company has a large base of technical users on mobiles and desktops, and information being stored and reported on Office products like Excel. The challenge was to bring all of their business under one ERP system with integration to Tablets and Mobiles for their day to day business of auctions, sales, manufacturing and production.

The Solution

Successful QAD EE implementation for Tea & Textile businesses which was earlier running on excel & manual process.

QAD Enterprise Edition integration with Salesforce CRM using tools like Qxtend. Custom module in QAD for Tea auction procurement process and for RFQ process. Provided End-To-End solution from Tea Garden purchase to Sales at Retail outlet.

The Benefits

By integrating with Salesforce and mobility, 500+ Salesman on the field, sales real-time data visibility by which the efficiency & Sales increased by 10% after the first month of implementation and helped in decreasing working capital by 1/5th.