RPA Implementation in FMCG

Global FMCG giant revolutionized their Sales Reporting with Robotic Process Automation

The client is a Global FMCG giant having a turn-over of US $60 bn


The Client

The client is a Global FMCG giant having a turn-over of US $60 bn. The Client’s Information and Analytics department is responsible for collecting data from multiple sources on a daily basis and presenting comprehensive reports regarding the market performance of their product lines.

The Challenge

Given the huge volume of data and the corresponding sensitivity, it became a challenge for the client to generate Sales reports manually using different transformation logic and collaborating tools. It was time consuming, prone to errors and required regulated data handling as the task is at the center of Operations and thus data privacy and integrity is of utmost importance.


JKT transformed the reporting process by building Bots that could handle rules driven high-volume and high-value task with zero down time. As it was financial data the Bots would perform extraction, transformation and output set generation for the consumption of the operation teams. These bots ran 24*7 for 365 days thus improving the delivery timeline significantly.

Presently, automation is at the heart of the innovation center of the client and discussions are on to extend this across to other business processes.

The Benefits

  • Over 50% reduction in turn-around time
  • 100% accuracy achieved in reporting Sales figures
  • Availability of real-time data
  • Improved compliance