Sales Tool Kit Interface with Google Drive

Digital promotion platform for leading Retail company in India

One of the world’s largest spirit company


Client Situation

The mobile application Sales tool kit used for digital promotion of Products in the form of PDF’s and Videos. Application has the content files loaded static in the apk file, so apk file size is around 300MB andDue to huge size, cannot be pushed centrally through Mobile Device Management tool. Need to be copied manually on every device. New Brands cannot be introduced due to static nature. There was no provision to introduce training material.

JKT Solution

JK Technosoft proposed a Dynamic solution known as Sales Tool Kit integrated with Google drive. The solution will get updated content without any backend. Mobile application will sync Product content data from the Excel sheet in the Google drive. The Product content like PDF, Videos are saved in Google drive account. All the master content drive links are saved in Excel for all the products. This can achieve the cost effective solution with minimal infrastructure.

The Benefits

  • Offline application with Sync with updated content.
  • Dynamic Content – content can be added/removed/edited for specific brand.
  • Every Sales executive will be in sync with the updated data.
  • Provision made for introducing new brands, if any in future.
  • Provision for uploading training material is made.
  • Compact Size – around 11 MB. Contents are separated and referenced by App.

Use cases

Digital Promotion for promoting Products to the Merchants, Dealers and Distributors. Dynamically updating the content with the updates.

Business flow

Platform (build type)

  • Platform – Android (Minimum OS Version– 4.4)
  • Build – Android Native

Software / API’s

  • Eclipse.
  • Android SDK.
  • Java SDK.