Salesforce Implementation in FMCG

India’s Leading Food Processing Company Experiences Turnaround in Customer Satisfaction Using Salesforce

Client is a leading food processing company in India


The Client

Client is a leading food processing company in India over Rs.6000 Crores in revenues, delivering products in over 5 categories through 3.5 million retail outlets to more than half the Indian population.

The Challenge

Client was looking for a cloud based Customer Service Solution to handle the call center activities with CTI Integration. The project scope involves performing various activities for call center agents, Factory/Distributor/ASM, RSM, etc., and for management.

The Solution

1. Customer Service Team

  • Case Management:
    • Receiving calls from various sources like Consumers, dealers, retailers, etc.
    • Case creation, categorization.
    • Call recording option on the cases.
    • Assigning the case to the stake holders – Factory/Distributor/ASM/RSM etc. for resolution.
    • Case status & activity update.
    • Case closure.
    • Automatic Call waiting & Call routing features will be part of CISCO IVR components.
  • Files/doc update to cases.
  • Knowledge Management:
    • Refer to the historical case details for resolution.
    • Document management for the knowledge base.
  • Customer/Contact Management
    • Create new customers.
    • Update additional details of the customers.
  • Order Booking
    • Refer to Customer-Salesman daily visit plan from SFA System, pulled by Salesforce.
    • Online booking of orders for the Salesmen missed visits/beat.

2. Factory/Distributor/ASM/RSM etc.,

The above stake holders can perform the below activities from desktops or mobiles:

  • View Open cases.
  • Update activity & Case status.
  • Case Resolution.
  • Self-Service Portal
    • View Newsletters, Schemes, Product launch etc. details published from Central.
    • Option to raise a query related to Product, brand etc. which will be addressed by Customer Service team.
    • Option to view query status & response.

The above-mentioned features can be accessed from mobiles as well.

3. Management

  • Reports & Dashboards:
    • Case Analysis – Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
    • Customer Service Performance metrics.
    • Order Booking Analysis – Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
    • Customer/Contact Analysis.

The Benefits

  • Real time tracking of complaints.
  • Faster case resolution.
  • Ability of viewing and updating cases from any device.
  • Rich analytics with various reports & scheduled dashboards.
  • Generate sales through call center by calling missed beats.