Salesforce Integration with B2B and B2C Sales Productivity Solutions

Sales Productivity Solutions Provider Develops Solution for Call Centre Industry Using Salesforce

Client is leading national combined supplier of leading hardware and industrial outlets throughout Australia

Information Technology & Services

The Client

Client provides on-demand sales productivity software solutions to B2B and B2C corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. The company offers web-based dialer software that helps sales organizations world-wide call leads, prospects or customers smart, fast and efficiently. It serves its clients in communication, finance, IT, and sales and marketing sectors.

The Challenge

The project scope was to integrate Salesforce with this sales productivity software solution through Open CTI adaptor and to design and develop Call-Center business flow in framework. JKT thus build the client solution application features in Salesforce for Call-Center Industry.

The Solution

JKT was also involved in configuration of Live Agent and CTI Adaptor in Service Cloud Console lay-out. Customizable Softphones (call-control tools) function as fully integrated parts of Salesforce and the Salesforce console. Key features are:

  • Enable, Disable, Hook into click-to-dial.
  • Save Call logs.
  • Perform data dips into Apex (via exposed web services).
  • Query Call-Center configurations.
  • Phone Controls and Transfers.
  • Call Routing.

The Benefits

  • Integration of the existing Call Center with Salesforce Open-CTI.
  • Dashboards based on status of the call system and current activities of the Agents.
  • Progressive call system.
  • Navigations inside framework during calls.
  • Saving current activities during calls.
  • Organized call system process.
  • Instant saving of process activities.
  • Live monitoring of call center agents.
  • Reduction of unused old activities.