School Health Program – RBSK (Ministry of Health) – VBCH, Silvassa

Aiding a charitable hospital for children adopt a web-based administration system quickly and cost-effectively

Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital

The Client

Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital, Silvassa (known as Cottage Hospital till 1999) was started in 1952 with a small outpatient department services and indoor facility. It is run by a group of dedicated doctors, medical and paramedical staff as a Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, Ministry of Health, Government of India. It offers the following specialized services: GIS-based School and Anganwadi locator; GIS-based diseases mapping; general, dental, eye and skin examination; laboratory investigation; and pharmacy services.

The Challenge

The challenge was to reengineer the existing manual system and processes to transform it into a client server-based software with the web-based application to provide students with a caring, professional service. Some users had to be trained to use computers. To provide the best possible solution but at a cost-effective price point was also a challenge.

The Solution

  • Development of a web-based application software with modules for the following:
    • GIS-based school and Anganwadi locator
    • GIS-based diseases mapping
    • Financial/academic details
    • Accounting
    • School/Anganwadi registration
    • Various Schemes
    • Team details
    • Student registration
    • Auto scheduling of the annual calendar
    • Manual modification of the calendar
    • Examinations including general, dental, eye and skin and laboratory investigation
  • Inventory management
  • Customization of JK Technosoft’s Careis to meet the requirements of the hospital, gap analysis and waterfall methodology

The Benefits

  • Reduction in double entry of data and availability of student details at all work stations
  • Better promotion tracking
  • Better data analysis
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduction in paperwork and fast and correct access to student data
  • Improved student care
  • Scalable platform, technically and functionally