Seamless Employee Onboarding with RPA

Leading Manufacturing Company has automated their Employees onboarding process through Bots which enhances the user experience.

Leading Manufacturing Company


The Client

The client is a leading manufacturing company in India with an annual turnover over 64 Crore INR.

The Challenges

In any company, the process of employee onboarding is as tedious as it is time-consuming. Based on the different roles and responsibilities of the to-be-inducted employees, a diverse group of people – drawn from various departments including but not limited to the HR, the Admin and the IT teams, needs to create role-based profiles and grant privileges to the minutest detail within each software system and application.

This crucial task requires careful coordination and communication between different teams working possibly at different schedules; and as such can lead to unwarranted delays and inaccuracies – which may further lead to unnecessary correspondence and latency. The concerned client was dealing with exactly this situation.

The Solution

Having a bot take over employee onboarding duties has released valuable bandwidth of the several teams in question. Instead of multiple internal memos and mails between supporting teams, a centrally operated bot retrieves employee details from a mail or a spreadsheet; and creates user IDs and default passwords in the required applications. It can even drill down to the lowest levels of accesses defined and authorize users per only their designated roles. At each step of the process, the bot notifies the support team owning that application or workflow.

Automation of this workflow by RPA results in a much-welcome seamless user provisioning experience that can even be extended to inter-departmental transfers, employee separations and promotions.

The Benefits

  • Eliminated manual communication and coordination induced delays.
  • Freed up enterprise support services to focus on core tasks.
  • Defined levels of access per protocol granted without any errors or misses.
  • Comprehensive auditing and compliance controls to track user requests end-to-end.