Social Media Radar (SMR) Solution in Manufacturing 

Global manufacture of door & windows leverages social media to track consumer feedback and competition

Client is world’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors

The Client

The Client is world’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors operating more than 120 manufacturing facilities across 19 countries and has more than 20,000 employees. The company designs, produces and distributes interior and exterior doors, wood, vinyl and aluminium windows, closet systems. The Client also undertakes repair and remodel of residential homes and non-residential buildings.

The Challenge

  • To Gain insights and Track their customer sentiment trends (Voice of Customers).
  • Understand positive, neutral, and negative sentiment by categories and channels.
  • Easily analyze social footprints based on defined keywords like brand names, products etc.
  • Analyse competitor’s social presence.

The Benefits

  • Competitor analysis: Ability to view content information of competitors and the engagement and response to their content.
  • Centralized Radar: One centralized account to see and compare statistics on all social media accounts. Help track ad performance and provide a deep analysis on the patterns and issues.
  • Influencer analysis: Accounts or Users who engage with content by sharing, commenting helps in generating product awareness. Organization can form a relationship with the influencer to grow their brand value. This is one of the powerful marketing through “word of mouth”.
  • Dashboard & Reporting: Reports are often forwarded as emails that allow managers, partners, and clients plugged-in and receive up to date information on social media activities and performance.