Track Order Processing Status

Global Food Retail Company implemented Blockchain to track the order processing during each stage of a hub & spoke order fulfillment system. Using the information trace the root causes of delays.

The client is a major food retail, wholesale and distribution company, based in UK


The Situation

A retail giant approached JK Technosoft (JKT) with a problem that their order fulfillment distribution network was performing sub-par. There were delays in order fulfillment, and the source of origin of these delays was unknown. Customer satisfaction was dipping. Their predicted churn rate (a machine learning engine was in place to predict churn) had spiked. The client was worried that if the problem was not addressed soon, it would result in revenue and reputation loss.

To summarize:

  • Delays in Distribution Network.
  • Impacting Customer Satisfaction.
  • Could potential impact the top-line.

The diagram below gives an overview of the current mode of operation. A traditional hub & spoke is in play. With each participant (at times a participant is referred as a node) operating their own system of record with limited shared data. Transparency was missing.

The Solution

A permissioned blockchain network was designed to include grocery stores, the central hub, and warehouses as the participating nodes. The existing order management system remains unchanged. An endpoint of the blockchain system was exposed. All the current systems at the nodes trigger the endpoint. Timestamps at each hand-off is recorded.

The digtial team at JKT evaluted platforms like Ethereum, Multichain, and Hyperledger Fabric on the trade-off parameters:

  • Cost of data storage.
  • Computation requirement.
  • Access control levels.

After due deligence Hyperledger Fabric was selected as the preferred platform to build the solution. Client was already using AWS EC2 services for hosting. Hence we deployed the Blockchain network on AWS. The following architecture diagram gives a high-level overview of the system described below.

Key Components

  • Hyperledger fabric administrator Business Network Card.
  • Blockchain network with interconnected Hyperledger Fabric nodes.
  • RESTful APIs for hooking to the existing system of records.
  • A visual dashboard that displays the timeline recorded on trusted blockchain network.

Technology Stack

  • Hyperledger Fabric v1.2
  • Hyperledger Composer v20.5
  • Sencha Ext JS
  • AWS EC2

The Benefits

  • Efficiency of the distribution network increased.
  • Customer Satisfaction levels raised.
  • Predicted Churn rate decreased.
  • Costs to handle an order reduced.
  • We can easily extend this solution to track the shelf life of the perishable goods.