AI Powered Recommendation Engine for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence, AI, Recommendation
Apply AI-based Prediction and Recommendations for Driving Efficiency and Cost benefit

AI powered recommendation engine for businesses

23rd May, 2018

45 Minutes


Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar
Vice President – Digital, JK Technosoft

Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta
Technical Architect – Digital, JK Technosoft

AI Powered Recommendation Engine – A Kick Start

To help business leverage AI solutions, it is important to understand:

  • Business strategy and applicability of AI based solutions like recommendations to add direct value.
  • Technology strategy to identify right tool-set for building AI solutions.
  • How to start small, prove the ROI and scale quickly.

Once the strategy is finalized, technology team needs to deep-dive into the details to establish how the AI ecosystem works, starting from:

  • Programming languages (like Python, Java, C++, others).
  • AI Middleware Platform (Tensor flow, Prediction IO).
  • AI/ML Libraries (Spark MLib or likes).
  • Infrastructure for Deployment.

In this webinar, our Digital expert panel will share their experiences covering above topics along with showcasing an AI-based recommendation engine.

Key Takeaways

Join JK Technosoft thought leaders, Praveen Kumar, & Ankur Gupta for an interactive webinar on ” AI powered recommendation engine for businesses”.

Webinar Timings

10:00 AM EDT

3:00 PM BST

7:30 PM IST

10.00 PM

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