An Overview of How the Seceon Otm Platform Can Quickly and Accurately Surface Threats Within Your Environment

This white paper details modern security challenges and describes how the Seceon OTM Platform enables you to surface threats proactively and auto respond to them in real-time.

According to Gartner “Increased complexity and frequency of attacks elevate the need for enterprise-scale incident response, APT investigations and a rapid forensic process”

The sophistication and volume of insider threats and targeted cyber-attacks is greater than ever. Despite significant security investments, companies are increasingly at risk for catastrophic breaches. These breaches impact business operations and result in both direct and indirect costs. Recent publicized breaches have shown these costs range in the hundred millions, when mitigation, fines and brand value impact are considered. As a result, for the first time, CEOs and corporate boards are contemplating issues historically reserved for CISOs and CIOs.