Predictive Maintenance Solutions

An expeditious incident response just scratches the surface when it comes to effective IT operations. Predicting where issues will emerge allows organizations to maintain each of their assets proactively, which results in improved performance, increased efficiency and a boost in overall customer satisfaction.

JK Tech encourages the use of GIS integration within each organization to ensure an optimal level of analysis and observation. Quality predictive maintenance solutions pair gathered asset performance data with weather patterns, infrastructure data as well as maintenance history that is grouped by location. The analytics generated by these solutions create a solid foundation of maintenance plans that are based on conditions, allowing our clients to focus on peak reliability and efficiency within their systems.

Managing the Machines

Even though machines are very reliable, but mechanical failures and technical glitches cause downtime, which can create major cost implications for any business or organization. An effective technique used as part of predictive plant maintenance solutions is that of aligning this type of scenario with a much larger dataset that focuses on predicting key failures of components within the actual machines using maintenance logs, raw telemetry and the past history of reported failures and system errors. The role of AI comes into play here as instant machine-to-machine communication and enhanced autonomy allows for corrective and adequate actions, minimizing losses or breakdown of processes.

Our experts effectively combine real-time monitoring of conditions with our predictive maintenance strategies to provide our decision-making clients with everything that they need to know to take their operations to the next level.

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