PEGA Integration

Helping a global provider of technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions deliver enhanced customer experience

Global provider of Claims Management Solution

Financial Services

The Client

A leading global provider of technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions. The company specializes in workers’ compensation; disability, FMLA and other employee absence; managed care; general, automobile, and professional liability; property loss adjusting; warranty and credit card claims services; fraud and investigation; structured settlements; medicare compliance solutions; and forensic investigations. Client and its affiliated companies deliver cost-effective claims, productivity, and managed care, risk consulting and other services to clients.

The Challenge

To enhance the user experience and improve service to its customers, Client selected Pega BRMS as a platform of choice and wanted to integrate its core claims management engine with Pega.

The Solution

  • Incorporation of a design pattern using a layered approach to separate business and data access layer
  • Integration of PEGA UI using .NET WCF Services
  • Execution of existing code base using open API Call
  • Implemented WCF security using the following:
    • Transport layer security
    • Client certification
    • Data encryption

The Benefits

  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduction in development time by using PEGA features as the front-end
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience