DBA on-Demand

The on-Demand service model is expected to change the way businesses serve customers in almost every industry. On-Demand services aim to allow customers to consume a service immediately when experiencing a need, anywhere and anytime.

  • Installation, configuration of the database software
  • Upgrades/patches
  • Design/creation/modification of databases environment/instance
  • Evaluation of existing database architecture
  • Configuring of new replication/disaster recovery environment
  • Performance tuning
  • Database auditing
  • Migration of database version, OS (database from one server to another)
  • Migration of QAD versions
  • Database parameter and configuration as per best practice
  • Re-organization of database components (tables/indexes etc)
  • Database health check up
  • Cloud Migration

on demand database services

Benefits of On-Demand services:

Benefit of on demand

  • Experts Advice
  • Accuracy and timely delivery
  • Cost advantages
  • Security and Scalability
  • Fixed Timeline
  • Consistency of Quality