JKT Digital Lab – Leveraging Business Experience, Delivering Digital Experience

Digital Lab is focussed towards providing high-end technology POCs/R&D for our customers. Once the ROI is established by business teams, the work moves to a full-fledged project development.

Our dedicated digital lab is equipped with highly experienced technologists in their respective technology area covering Mobile Architects, Web Architects, Senior UX Developers, Angular developers, AI/RPA enthusiasts and analytics experts. While we work towards achieving the common goal, most of the time, team members end up crossing technical boundaries.

JKT Digital Lab Objectives

We Have a Defined Charter for Digital Lab Which Is:

  • Positive Surprises to our Customers
    We work with our customers to identify a business case which is out of Business as Usual activities by doing work-shops with them. The objective is to find a way to increase their revenue or customer experience. After agreeing upon a business case, we build advanced technological solution for the business case.
  • Technology Aspirations of Customers / IP Creation
    At times, our clients have a wish list but because of technology or resource or cost constraints, they are not able to move forward. Our Digital Lab helps them in doing quick POCs/R&D at a minimal cost and in quick time (up to 4 weeks) to enable them to realize the ROI and convince the business.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
    While businesses are moving towards digital transformation, they need helping hand in defining their digital transformation strategy. In digital lab, we define digital transformation processes and frameworks along with technology recommendations for our clients.
  • Innovation / Market Tech Analysis
    Innovation is at the core of our digital lab. We work in the areas of building innovative products, frameworks and processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Wearables, beacons are the few technology areas where digital lab has done some amazing work recently.
  • Technical Road-blocks in Project
    While working with our customers, if our tech team or customer’s tech team is stuck with a technical challenge, Digital Lab comes for the rescue. Expert technologists in respective area works with existing project team and pull them out from the problem. Once done, they move back to the Digital Lab.
Digital Lab Technical Roadmap

Some of the Work We Have Done:

  • AI/ML based Recommendation Engine (TensorFlow, PredictionIO, Spark, Scala, NLP).
  • IoT Platform for Smart Supply Chain (KAA, Cassandra).
  • Voice Assistant (VA) for Mobile Apps (Google Voice API).
  • Beacon-based Proximity Solution.

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