In this “automation first” era, organizations are exploring ways to grow beyond the common approach of automation and amplify their automation efforts to become more agile and resilient. While the processes are being made intelligent, enterprises look for a broader set of automation tools to mitigate functional and process silos and achieve end-to-end business process automation.

However, the solutions like RPA, AI/ML, Big Data, Analytics, Middleware/Integration, BPMS are built and managed at a much higher cost of ownership due to their disparate nature.

How Can Hyperautomation Help in Your Business Transformation?

“Hyperautomation has been coined by Gartner as the “next stage of evolution” and is included in their list of the “top 10 strategic trends” for 2021 and beyond.”

Hyperautomation amalgamates all the disparate technology solutions on a single platform within the enterprise and helps harness the total power of integrated automation. It also enables better, cheaper, and faster solution development with 30% reduced effort and cost.

Hyperautomation includes the power of RPA, Big Data and AI/ML, combined with digital and dynamic workflows using iBPMS. It comes with Low-code/No-code development environment, leading the organizations towards Citizen Driven Development.

Pillars of Hyperautomation

A powerful solution to help your enterprise in achieving real progress while on your digital transformation journey, hyperautomation delivers productivity gains and improves customer experience, thereby enhancing efficiency through a collaborative convergence of technologies and strategies.

Pillars of Hyperautomation

“As per Gartner, by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.”

Our Hyperautomation Solution Framework

The journey towards Hyperautomation starts with Process and Technical Discovery which is mostly automated. This helps in identifying “white-spaces” or opportunities for process simplification, technological needs and automation requirements across business processes and departments.

Step1: DISCOVER Business & Technology Factors.

Step 2: ASSESS Business and Technological Value.

Step 3: STRATEGY for Business Process Improvement and Technology Considerations.

Step 4: DELIVER Automation Incrementally.


Value Delivered through Hyperautomation

Accelerated Digital Transformation

It brings together all the disparate technologies within the enterprise and helps harness the total power of integrated automation through the faster building of automated applications.


The solution is complementary to the existing automation technologies within the customer environment.

Seamless Customer Journey

Unlike the specific technologies that solve one automation problem, JK Tech along with e.IQ enables an integrated and seamless automated customer journey throughout the process and across different systems.

Empowering Workforce

With the help of hyperautomation, employees are able to work faster, within the resources that are available and with much fewer errors. This also helps them in directing their time and energy to strategic tasks.

Faster ROI & Adoption

It enables customers to get outcomes within 8-10 weeks of automation enablement using an Agile approach.

Future Proof

Promotes best of breed environment so that the customer is not tied down to one type of technology vendor and can migrate to new technologies as they become mainstream in the future.

Why Choose Us?

We are in a strategic partnership with Evolute IQ, a market-leading technology company for hyperautomation. We aim to build transformative business solutions leveraging e.IQ platform that combines low-code / no-code, iBPMS, AI, ML, IoT, RPA Integration, Blockchain and data processing to deliver end-to-end enterprise automation.

As your tech partner, we will help at every step of your hyperautomation journey. Our team of professional geeks will help you manage the full cycle of automation right from discovering automation opportunities to measuring the ROI & value realization.